Ranking System Guidelines

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Ranking System Guidelines

Post by Sayuri on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:21 am

Ranking System Guidelines

Everyone will start off as a D-Rank mage! But if you want to become a stronger ranked mage, you must train hard and focus on your goal. Here are the requirements for each rank you will have to achieve to become a stronger mage.

To achieve a rank you need to fulfil some requirements which you can find below. For each certain rank you  are allowed to use different amounts of magic and you get bigger amounts of mana. Aside from your main abilities, every rank also has some free abilities you can use without having those abilities by training, you can use them right away!


You are allowed to use magic now!
- You can use 5 abilities.
- You have 50 mana.
- Free: 3 E-Rank abilities and 2 D-Rank abilities.


There are a few requirements to become a C-Rank mage.
- You need 30 RP posts.
- Completed 3 D-Rank missions and 1 C-Rank mission.

You can use more abilities, because you became stronger than you used to!
- You can use 8 abiltities.
- You have 100 mana.
- Free: 2 E-Rank abilities, 2 D-Rank ability and 1 C-Rank ability.


To achieve such a rank, you need to fulfil some requirements.
- You need 60 RP posts.
- Completed 6 D-Rank missions, 3 C-Rank missions and 1 B-Rank mission.

You really improved quite a lot! Keep it up and you can even use more of your abilities if you train hard.
- You can use 14 abiltities.
- You have 150 mana.
- Free: 1 E-Rank abilities, 2 D-Rank abilties, 1 C-Rank ability and 1 B-Rank ability.


There are a few requirements before you get this rank.
- You need 125 RP posts.
- Completed 9 D-Rank missions, 4 C-Rank missions, 2 B-Rank missions and 1 A-Rank mission.

Congrats on making such efforts! You are getting more powerful, so you can use more magic power.
- You can use 20 abilities.
- You have 200 mana.
- Free: 2 D-Rank ability, 1 C-Rank ability, 1 B-Rank ability and 1 A-Rank ability.


There are some things that needs to be done first before you can become a real S-Rank mage.
- You need 200 RP posts.
- Completed 12 D-Rank missions, 6 C-Rank missions, 3 B-Rank missions, 2 A-Rank missions and 1 S-Rank mission.
- You need to participate in the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial.

Other mages should look out for you now that you can use a lot more abilities than before!
- You can use 26 abilities.
- You have 250 mana.
- Free: 1 D-Rank ability, 1 C-Rank ability, 1 B-Rank ability, 1 A-Rank ability and 1 S-Rank ability.


The requirements for this Rank are not that easy to achieve right away, it takes patience and hard work.
- You need 350 RP posts.
- Completed 15 D-Rank missions, 8 C-Rank missions, 5 B-Rank missions, 3 A-Rank missions, 2 S-Rank missions and 1 SS-Rank mission.
- You need to have participated in the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial.
- You need approval from your Guild Master.

How much more can you possibly get? Well, you can get even more than what you got right now!
- You can use 32 abiltities.
- You have 300 mana.
- Free: 2 C-Rank ability, 1 B-Rank ability, 1 A-rank ability, 1 S-rank ability and 1 SS-Rank ability.

Master Rank

Note: The rank Master is not the same as being a guild master. Guild masters can also be members of SS-rank. Keep this in mind.

This is the final rank anyone can get, so it will not be to easy to achieve this rank.
- You need 500 RP posts.
- Completed 18 D-Rank missions, 12 C-Rank missions, 8 B-Rank missions, 4 A-Rank missions, 3 S-Rank missions and 2 SS-Rank missions.
- You need to have participated in the S-Class Mage Promotion
- You need approval from the Guild Master. (Guildless can leave out this requirement).
- You need approval from the Fairy Tail Serenity staff.

You have trained all your magic abilities! I will now bow for you to congratulate you on such an achievement.
- You can use 40 abilities.
- You have 400 mana.
- Free: 1 C-Rank ability, 1 B-Rank ability, 1 A-Rank ability, 1 S-Rank ability and 2 SS-rank.

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