Jewel System Guidelines

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Jewel System Guidelines

Post by Sayuri on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:24 am

jewel system guidelines

Everybody needs some jewels sometime! To buy weapons, ranking, getting a pet or maybe to pay the rent? Well, here I will explain to you how you can get jewels!

You can earn jewels by Role Playing a lot, but you can get jewels by doing missions as well!
Everyone who has completed their character and magic applications and are approved by administrators or moderators, start of with 500 jewels, to give you a little heads up. For posting something you can get 150 jewels per post, this is of course by writing RPing posts.

You also get 2 jewels per post at the Amusement Park Section of this forum. So show your art at the museum in Art Museum, share your amazing stories in the Novel Palace and go random in Adventures!

mission jewels
For missions you can get a larger amounts of jewels than for just posting, this amount will increase by the difficulty of the mission. Of course for every post you make for your mission, you get the normal payment for RPing posts. Here is an overview of the amount of jewels you can get for missions.

D-Rank: Between 250-500 jewels.
C-Rank: Between 750-1000 jewels.
B-Rank: Between 1250-2000 jewels.
A-Rank: Between 2500-4000 jewels.
S-Rank: Between 5000-7500 jewels.
SS-Rank: 10.000 or higher jewels.
Master Rank: 15.000 or higher jewels.

shop jewels
If you want to buy something from the Magic Shop you need jewels. Every item has a different price that is decided by ranks.

D-Rank: Between 500-1000 jewels.
C-Rank: Between 1250-3000 jewels.
B-Rank: Between 4000-7500 jewels.
A-Rank: Between 8000-10.000 jewels.
S-Rank: Between 12.000-13.500 jewels.
SS-Rank: 15.000 or higher jewels.
Master Rank: 20.000 or higher jewels.

Pets have other charges and can be obtained if you are of C-Rank and trained if you are of B-Rank.

E-Rank: Between 750-900 jewels
D-Rank: Between 1000-3000 jewels.
C-Rank: Between 4000-6000 jewels.
B-Rank: Between 7500-10.000 jewels.

Same goes for Silver Keys for Celestial Spirit Mages.

E-Rank: Between 1000 - 5000 jewels.
D-Rank: Between 6000 - 10.000 jewels.
C-Rank: Between 12.000 - 15.000 jewels.
B-Rank: Between 16.000 - 20.000 jewels.

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