Can't get a decent smuggler at a bargain (finished)

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Can't get a decent smuggler at a bargain (finished)

Post by Alyssia on Sun May 05, 2013 9:57 am

Can't get decent a smuggler at a bargain

Job Name: Can't get a decent smuggler at a bargain
Job Rank: C
Description: I'm sick and tired of incompetent and useless smugglers letting me down so I am willing to pay for the best now. I need you to come visit me in Spa Town Hosenka , collect the package and my instructions then follow them out, more then this I will not be saying.
Requirements: Collect and follow out the instructions from the client at Spa Town Hosenka; the client wants at least one member of Raven Tail, they can bring anybody else so long as it gets the job done.Must be 500 words minimum.
Reward: Two free all day passes to Hosenka Spa.
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