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Mission Guidelines

Post by Sayuri on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:25 am

mission guidelines

To get some jewels and some adventure, you can go to the mission board of your guild and pick a job to your preferences. Just go to the Job section and select your guild, rank and pick out a job that is pre-made or if you want to spice things up, you can create your own custom made mission!

Here you can read how to create your own jobs and what to do after.
Note: You can only create jobs for your own guild and therefore only post up custom made missions on the request board of your own guild.

When you are from the Magic Council you can just post up missions without permission on each request board, but it is expected of you that you make reasonable missions that equals the difficulty of the mission.

The topic title of a custom made mission must include the mission name and difficulty. Example: A Trip To Adventure - B-Rank

When you have finished the mission, post a link of your mission thread at your request to take this mission. An admin or moderator will take a look at it, approve and will give you your reward.

magic council
There are some extra rules for the Magic Council.
Everyone can ask the Magic Council for help, even themselves can ask the Magic Council for help. So everyone can post up missions at the request board of the Magic Council. But.. it has to be at least an S-Rank or higher rank mission. Also the magic council can ask for help to guilds and therefore post missions on someone else's request board.

One more extra thing to add to this high priority for missions. There are the so called "special" missions. Only mages of the Magic Council can take these missions. These missions are so forbidding and so hard, it seems they are impossible for anyone to do. If someone wants to create a custom made Special mission, you have to be advanced in RPing and have to be at least of S-rank class.

If you start a mission topic, the topic title must include the mission name and the job taker's name. For example: A Trip To Adventure - Mission by Guest.
This way, other RPers can see that you are on a mission.

Of course, every rank will have a certain word count that needs to get achieved.

D-Rank: Each mission has a minimum of 250 words.
C-Rank: Each mission has a minimum of 500 words.
B-Rank: Each mission has a minimum of 900 words.
A-Rank: Each mission has a minimum of 1500 words.
S-Rank: Each mission has a minimum of 3000 words.
SS-Rank: Each mission has a minimum of 5500 words.
Master Rank: Each mission has a minimum of 7000 words.

Indeed, you get also rewarded when you have completed a mission correctly!

D-Rank: Between 250-500 jewels.
C-Rank: Between 750-1000 jewels OR D-rank item.
B-Rank: Between 1250-2000 jewels OR C-rank item.
A-Rank: Between 2500-4000 jewels OR B-rank item.
S-Rank: Between 5000-7500 jewels OR A-rank item.
SS-Rank: 10.000 jewels OR S-rank item.
Master Rank: 15.000 jewels OR SS-rank item.

NOTE: You can be in ONE mission at the time. Once you have finished a mission, you can start a new mission.

Here, I explain what is required to fill out this template.

insert job name here

Job Name: Obviously, you think of a name that fits the story.
Job Rank: The difficulty of the job.
Description: Write a short story on what is requested. You must include what it is about and the location. Be specific and give the right information so everything will be clear right away. Do you have to carry a weapon? Or maybe get some special herbs? Place the most important things to do the mission here.
Requirements: How many posts are required? Give the word count per post, where to create the topic and how to name it. Maybe it is a mission for a team, write down how many people are required or maybe what kind of magic they need. What will be useful?
Reward: Think of what is a reasonable reward for the mission. Of course, a S-Rank mission will get more than a D-rank mission. It can be jewels, something else fun or both, but that is up to you. If you want to give, for example, an item as a reward, you must have that item bought before you can give it away.

fairy tail serenity

[center][b][i][size=28][font=Georgia]insert job name here[/font][/size][/i][/b][/center]

[b]Job Name:[/b]  
[b]Job Rank:[/b]

mission log guidelines

A mission log is useful to keep your missions organised and to see the progressive you have made so far. Also it is useful for the staff to take a look at the missions you have done and to approve them, so that we can give you the reward you earn. You can also put in the missions you are working on or about to take.

The title of your mission log must include your name. Example: The Mission Log of Guest

Example of a Mission Log.

mission log

D-Rank Mission:
∞ A Trip To Adventure - [insert link of the topic here]
∞ Walk That - [insert link of the topic here]
∞ Yay! - [insert link of the topic here]

C-Rank Mission:
Rawr, watch out! - [insert link of the topic here]

B-Rank Mission:
Bless This Morning Year - WIP
Don't Leave Me This Way - [Not Started]

A-Rank Mission:

S-Rank Mission:
'Til Death Do Us Part - [insert link of the topic here]

SS-Rank Mission:

fairy tail serenity

[center][b][i][font=Georgia][size=28]mission log[/size][/font][/i][/b][/center]

[b]D-Rank Mission:[/b]
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..

[b]C-Rank Mission:[/b]
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..

[b]B-Rank Mission:[/b]
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..

[b]A-Rank Mission:[/b]
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..

[b]S-Rank Mission:[/b]
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..

[b]SS-Rank Mission:[/b]
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..
[b]∞[/b] ..

The more missions you take and complete, the more your mission log will increase.
So what are you going to do now? Yes! That is right! Take lots and lots or create lots and lots of missions!

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