Devestia Monoke, the "Demon Child"

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Devestia Monoke, the "Demon Child"

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"Me? I'm just another cursed being..."

First Name: Devestia
Last Name: Monoke
Alias: Jinx, Dev
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: 13th May
Relationships: None

Guild: Raven Tail
Class: D rank (Will try applying for a higher rank)


Physical appearance:

  Devestia has a blemish-free and fair skin, mostly because she's spent quite a long time in dens, caves and all sorts. Her light silver hair is kept short, with a few locks that frame her heart-shaped face. Devestia's devilish looking blood red eyes are framed by thick lashes which give most people an impression that she's a "Demon Child". Her lips are a pale baby pink color that match her rosy cheeks. She's got a rather slim and curvaceous figure with C cup breasts and has long slender legs, which are the reason for why she's as tall as an adult. She's got a pair of cat-like ears which seem to protrude out of her head, both of them being a light grey color with tints of silver and red along the tips. The same goes for her long bushy tail and when she's in her wolf form.

  Devestia's everyday outfit consists of a simple white, black or red blouse with detached sleeves matched with a black skirt with red designs of autumn leaves around the hem. Wrapped around her waist would be a long scarf and she would most probably be walking around town barefooted as she always does in the mountains, that or she wears a pair socks and red traditional Japanese wooden shoes, which apparently make a lot of noise when she's walking on things like hardened earth, wood or anything else that's solid enough. Also, Devestia wears a necklace with a round moon-shaped pendant given to her by non-other than Kitsu herself and can sometimes be seen with a few tribal-looking hair accessories. Most of her clothings consist of either red, white or black colors and nothing else. Other than that, she can sometimes be seen carrying her Gu Zheng around on her back which is held in place by a sort of black elastic strap.

Height: 5"7
Weight: 108lbs
Extra: She's got a rather nasty looking scar that goes diagonally across her back. Also, her guild mark is located on the side of her neck, slightly closer to the back of her neck and is a rather pale and light orange color.

Face Claim: 
Touhou- Inubashiri Momiji


"I know I'm a monster, but I'm one that has a heart and soul."


  Because of the way Dev had grown up, she's a rather fierce and slightly wild girl, usually following her predatory instincts. She's known to be extremely violent and reckless in rare occasions, and is very loyal to her pack leader Kitsu  whom she treats as her biological mother. Also, she's got a rather short temper, and will not tolerate any insults directed to any of her family members, especially Kitsu. She's pretty much a tomboy, with the way she dresses and all. Dev can be somewhat frightening and bloodlust at times because of her predatory instincts and magic, and you'd feel like you were looking at a whole new person instead of that petite looking tomboy. 

  Dev also has a rather peculiar side of hers, in which she'd be chasing on all fours if needed, and sometimes even biting or scratching people. That mostly happens only when her magic is activated and when her animal self overtakes her human self. Ask her if she knew anything about ladylike stuff, and the only thing she'd reply is with a question; of what use is it to her. Also, she can be a bit of a bratty kid at times, being as obstinate as a mule and what not. She can be rather frightening and insane as well because of the trauma she had as a child as well as the way of growing up.

  Lastly, the best side of her. She can be trusted by many, and never ever goes back on her words, even if her promise seems impossible to fulfill. She'll definitely have a go at it no matter what, and is always ready to face problems she may come across in future. Also, she's rather strong willed just like the rest of her family members and it would take a lot just to get her hopes down. She cares for people whom she trusts, loves and respects and is willing to lay her life down for that single person and she's pretty much just like all the other pack members are; Loyal, courageous and strong willed.


Sweets: Chocolate, gummies, you name it! Each and every one of those mouth-watering delicacies have been a childhood favorite of hers, even though it's been rather hard to get sweets from way up in the mountains.

Bloodshed: Yes, you heard me. The blood of her enemies satisfy her after her fight, and she'd never leave the fight without seeing her opponent's warm red blood oozing out from his or her wound. 

Meat: It's pretty much because of her predatory side and all as well a the fact that she grew up surviving on animal flesh. She just loves that tender and chewy delectable food, especially ham.

Head scratch: Like your average household kitty cat who just loves the feeling of being scratched behind her ears. It's rather comfortable and well... Relaxing for her and all that stuff.

Instruments: Most of the instrument she plays are string based instruments, especially a Chinese one known as the Gu Zheng. It appears as a wooden board with strings attached to it and she's mostly seen carrying it around on her back.


Touching the tail: Right, this is just simple. She doesn't really like the idea of people touching her tail and finds it extremely uncomfortable to have someone hugging and sliding their hands across your bushy tail. One touch and your hand's gonna be clean off. (Well not really)

Shoes: Having grown up in a more natural world, she hates having her feet covered up in shoes and socks, which is why she only wears those traditional Japanese wooden clogs. That or she goes around barefooted like a mentally deranged girl.

Spice: Oh no not that stuff. Shove that straight into her mouth and all you'll get is a wet saliva-covered face. If there's any single bit of spice in her food, well then you'd better have a drink with you.


Making her parents beg for mercy as they receive ten folds of what she had gotten as a child. The main priority is getting her revenge on the people who tried to kill her. She's currently trying to locate her old home, and if possible, burn it to the ground. Also, a simple fact she can't deny. To be truly loved by someone no matter how weird she is or how gruesome her goal is.  Also, she's aiming to be the best musician in Fiore, and had been dreaming about this ever since she was but a wee little child.


  The fact that she's yearning for someone to love her for who she really is also has it's negative effects on her. She's afraid of being abandoned again, and she definitely does not want to experience the pains she had in her childhood years. All that suffering was because of love, and that is the main reason why she's simply so cold-hearted at times. Also, Dev is rather afraid of hunters, seeing that they hunt animals for skin and other goods.


"The bloody magic of mine was meant to  protect those who I deem worthy right from the start."

Magic Name: Lycanthropy Magic (Roukyou)
Magic Type: Caster
Magic Description:
  A rather old and retro kind of magic known only to those who lived with the wold spirits that guarded the different spiritual mountains. This magic allows the user to manifest any of his or her body parts into that of a wolf's. Also, this magic gives the user refined sense and agility matching that of a wolf's, and sometimes even cause the user to have tails, ears and sometimes small sharp teeth. This magic is almost like a combination of takeover magic and DS slayer magic since this magic was used in the past to kill off wolf spirits that lurked around towns and villages and allows the user to transform into a wolf. The drawbacks for this magic however, is that it somehow changes the user's previous personality, etc. Bloodlust, violent, obstinate, hot tempered and others. So basically, someone who used to be kind, calm and laid back could become a ruthless and cold-hearted meanie who doesn't give a damn about comrades. It has even been known to have cause a user to lose his sanity as a human and make him think as if he had been a wolf right from the start. Also, this magic does not give the user any spells or whatsoever. It's just like a person who changes into a werewolf on a full moon, except that this one doesn't need a moon at all. The user cannot exceed the time limit of staying in a full transformation for more than 24 hours, if not, he or she would risk falling unconscious from drainage of mana and land in a coma.

"My history is my imperfect life story, one which I am thankful for and one which I hate."


  Devestia came from a rather peculiar and thriving village, in a place far away from magic. The village had nothing to do with magic, and not many could find it on any sort of map. It was a wee little thriving town with most people having a hatred for magic. No one knew why, but it was rumored that the past villagers had something to do with dark and evil magic and that some of them were tailed demons with ears and frightening features. Devestia was born with similar traits, but was later deemed an albino with funny looks. Everyone in the village seemed to despise her just for being there and would often give her cold looks which seemed to always say "Get out, you're a monster." Even her parents didn't seem to love her that much, which she didn't really seem to notice as a child.

  As she grew, her bond between her parents weakened, and the fun loving girl she was supposed to be turned out to be a sad and lonesome child with no one to play with. She spent every single day on a lonesome swing in a playground watching other children play and spent every night in a small grey attic. It was a bitter and depressing life for her, and even on her birthdays, no one celebrated nor rejoiced it with her. Instead, she was just given a small little cupcake. She had a hunch that her parents never really loved her at all and were just letting her live with food, water, clothes and nothing more. Even a pet was treated far much better than her in the village.

  To her surprise however, her parents acted as if they loved her one day, telling her that they would go on a family picnic. The young little girl who was only 5 years old then, happily agreed, not knowing she was falling into a trap. You see, the elders and her parents had come up with a plan to get rid of her once and for all. They said her to be a jinx because of the death of a newborn child a week or so ago on the same day she had her birthday. They believed that whoever's birth happened on the same day as hers would be cursed until she died. A rather stupid conclusion to jump to but hey, they're just trying to find a retarded reason to get her out of their sight.

  Devestia was led by her parents through a cave before reaching a lovely cliffside with long grass and colorful flowers. The cliff was extremely steep and rocky, so basically anyone who fell off could die. Her parents tricked the poor child, who was busy chasing after rabbits, to come over and look at the view. The little girl, who was curious about almost everything, foolishly went over and stood by the edge of the cliff. "Mummy, I see a small fluffy white dog!" she had said, the "dog" she referred to was actually Kitsu Monoke, the leader of the wolf spirits that guarded the nearby Tengu mountain in which only people they deemed worthy could enter. This was the perfect chance for her parent to ensure that she would be dead. If she didn't die from falling off, she'd be eaten by wolves instead. The couple shoved her off the edge where she tumbled down the hard rocks, a sharp edge slicing across her back. The wound was too painful for a child to bear, as well as the fact that she had hit her head against a few rocks, Devestia passed out on the ground, with Kitsu Monoke drawing closer towards her. The young couple left as soon as they had arrived, relieved that the "Demon Child" had been taken care of.

  The same nightmares of the cliffs haunted the unconscious Devestia, who'd finally awaken after 3 days. She was in a cave like structure, lying on nothing but a pile of dried yet comfortable grass. The wound on her back was still there, but had stopped bleeding and was covered by some kind of bitter smelling leaf that was sort of flattened onto her back. Not surprising though, she'd been lying on that thing for the whole time. The young girl's plain white dress was ripped up slightly, revealing a few scratch marks here and there. She walked out barefooted, frightened to see so many dogs of bigger size. She could've sworn the one she saw from the cliff was smaller, most probably because she was so far from it. She then realized that they weren't dogs at all, and were instead human sized wolves. The little girl screamed for her parents, before remembering that they had abandoned her. The biggest of all the wolves walked in, and it claimed to be Kitsu Monoke, one of the guardians of Tengu mountain. The wolf seemed rather huge, yet surprisingly gentle and huggable. Little Devestia, slightly frightened still, reached her hand out and felt a warm fluffy white coat, before closing in for a full hug. She couldn't really reach around Kitsu's neck, so she was practically hugging its neck instead. Kitsu took Devestia in for the fact that she was similar to them as well as that she had no one else to go to. She took on the last name Monoke, and was since then known as the daughter of Kitsu the wolf spirit.

  At the age of 8, Devestia was personally taught by Kitsu about Lycanthropy magic, otherwise known as the Roukyou. Her first few attempts failed, but after weeks of endless practicing, she managed to transform at least one of her body parts to that of a wolf's. She made quite an amount of progress and by the time that year ended, she became a full-fledged pack member, capable of joining the pack in protecting their only home. Other than being taught Lycanthropy magic, she was also told stories about special people who practiced magic as well, and was also told a legend of people who used special kinds of dragon magic, a very ancient and powerful spell infinitely stronger than the Roukyou. She of course, was dazzled by the tales of heroic acts by the people and aspire to become just like them.

At the age of 9, something tragic had happened. Hunters somehow managed to breach through the tight security around the Tengu mountain and had one of her pack members shot. This pack member was dear to Devestia and Kitsu, especially when he was the best playmate and also the one who always made everone's day. He died in a rather tragic way, first his left eye got blinded by a bullet before he got shot and secondly, he hadn't gotten the chance to see his unborn pups. The whole mountain grieved for the loss of their kind for a four whole days before resuming to normal. Devestia was determined not to let such tragedy happen again, and trained everyday to strengthen herself.

  As the years came by, Devestia became feared by fawn and deers which she hunted down everyday with the other pack members. She wore plain and simple clothes finely made from the thread of silkworms. The only problems were the hunters. Again, they came to hunt down the animals there for their fur and others. She wasn't going to let the same thing happen like back when Shiro was still alive, and so she started a rebellion against them, and after many months of endless fighting and bloodshed, the war had ended. Hunters from almost every part of Fiore left the Tengu mountain alone, never daring to step foot on it again. They had become extremely fearful of Kitsu Monoke and the strong pack she led as well as the "Demon Child" of Mt. Tengu.

  At the age of 15, Kitsu gave permission to Devestia to leave the mountain and explore the outside world as well as to get stronger and have a better chance of getting revenge on her parents. She promised to return every now and then, and sometimes even bring friends if she had any. Journeying from place to place, she stopped at an inn to rest one day, and heard a few voices talking about... Guilds? The young Monoke barged into the room immediately, frightening the fancily dressed ladies in it and demanding to know what guilds were. After hearing the explanation of the rich ladies, she set off the next morning to find the guilds and already had a few in mind. Raven Tail; a guild that cared only about profit, Fairy Tail; a famous guild in Magnolia, Lamia Scale; a guild with formidable members, Mermaid Heel; an all girl guild and Blue Pegasus, a guild which she didn't get much info on.

RP Sample:

  Blood chilling howls were sent into the dark and chilly night, various more coming in reply from other directions. That was it, the first signal. They had located the hunters' campsite and were ready for the ambush. Creeping towards the direction of where they were said to have been, Devestia could see smoke from mostly likely a campfire rising into the night's sky. Fools they were, camping in the center of the forest and sending off an obvious indication of where they were. "Roukyou," she said, before having a dark blue circle appear around her as her nails grew into claws and her entire body was completely transformed into that of a huge grey wolf with tints of red and silver on the end of her tail and ears. Another loud howl gave the second signal, and off Devestia went, charging toward the presumed direction with a group of different sized wolves next to her. Kitsu was leading the Southern group, Miki was leading the Northen group and Sora was leading the Eastern group, leaving Devestia to lead the Western group. Her eyes were locked onto the orange light just ahead of her which grew brighter and brighter with every step she took. She could already smell the body odor of those stinky hunters having their little feast while the animals they had caught were being either skinned or roasted over a fire. Did none of them know how to wash? Devestia lunge towards the campsite, letting out a sudden burst of energy. The other groups did the same, and each pounced onto a hunter, snarling and snapping at them. There were a few female hunters, but non of the pack members cared, not even kind hearted Miki. The main priority was getting rid of the infiltrators, be it killing them or chasing them out.

  Devestia launched herself onto an obese looking hunter, who had been aiming at one of the young pack members with a loaded rifle. She sank her canines into his leg, ripping out his flesh as the man let out a blood curling scream. This was only the beginning of payback for Shiro and all her other pack members who had been killed. The partially disabled man grabbed ahold of his rifle, loading the bullet in and aiming it straight at her. It all happened rather fast, and all she could hear was a loud bang before feeling a searing pain on her left shoulder. That damn rascal, he'd shamelessly shot a young girl, not that he knew she was one anyway. The feeling of her warm blood oozing out of her wound angered her even more, and despite the pain, she lunged towards the plump man, biting onto the gun he held before smashing it onto a rock. The defenseless man trembled with fear as she shot him a glare, growling at him before slashing her claws across his neck, ending him immediately. 

  Howls from the other pack members at the campsite meant that they had won the battle, and the wolves regrouped as one whole pack while Devestia returned to her original human form. Her shoulder was still bleeding, but it wasn't that serious to her, so she'd basically went over to the rest of her members. "Anyone got hit?" she asked, looking worriedly at the wolves. All of them shook their heads before crowding around her, all of them whispering to each other worriedly as they looked at the gunshot on her shoulder. The youngest of the pack, Tsubasa, ran over to Devestia and jumped onto her, causing her to fall back onto the ground. Apparently the young pup was happy to see that she was safe and began licking her across the face like how a puppy would. As usual, Tsubasa was extremely hyper nad asked her questions endlessly. "How did you do? Was it fun? Can I join next time? I wanna play too!" the young pup was a bit of an airhead and was unlike most pack members. Because she was a pup, she hadn't gotten much experience in battling and wasn't very wise, so she wasn't allowed to join any battles until she was old enough. "Tsubasa, enough. Can't you see the child is hurt?" came the firm yet gentle voice of Miki, her sister. Tsubasa jumped off her immediately, running into the crowd to rejoin her big sister.

  With a ride from Sora, Devestia returned back to the den where Kitsu had returned before and was waiting. She had to do all the bandaging things herself since she was the only one with hand there, and used the same bitter smelling leaf from when she had awoken here for the first time. All her pack members were huddling up together to keep warm on the soft and warm grass covered floor of the den to rest for the night. That had been an exhausting day for her, and she felt like she could sleep for ages. Devestia cuddled up under Kitsu's protective arm and let herself succumb to a deep sleep. The den was all quiet for now, with everyone asleep and safe from any threat outside. 

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