explore the world of darkness

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explore the world of darkness

Post by Kuro on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:51 am

explore the world of darkness

Job Name: explore the world of darkness
Job Rank: C-rank
my name is lady murasaki and I have a daughter, her name is Bloom. one day, she explore the east forest to find me a few wood. but, Bloom did not return to my Home for 5 days straight. maybe she is on danger. I don't know why but I just saw a news it says, there was a crime in the east forest. I need you to find Bloom for me and you need to find a special herbs too. she look like this:

and the herbs are like this:
she also can use fire magic. so, do your best!
- create a new post called "explore the world of darkness" in east forest.
- 1 post = 500 words
- ask the problem and what you have to do
- Good luck!
- 900 jewels
-a dinner with Bloom and her family.


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