Watch over my heart!

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Watch over my heart!

Post by Selene Rosethorn on Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:25 pm

Watch over my heart

Job Name: Watch over my heart!
Job Rank: D
Description: Over the last few night, some item have disappeared from the Heart Kreuz store! We suspect a mage is behind it, though we have no idea who or how they are doing their theft! Please spend the night in the shop and take a picture of the thief! We don't want the store to be wrecked in a magical battle, so only take a picture, we'll let the authorities deal with them!
Requirements: Spend a night in one of the shop, make sure to take a good enough picture of the thief and make sure to leave the store as it was when you got there!
Reward: 300 jewel and the employee discount at any Heart Kreuz store in Fiore!
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