Challenge at the Lake!

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Challenge at the Lake!

Post by Kirito on Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:07 pm

Challenge at the Lake!

Job Name: Challenge at the Lake!
Job Rank: D
Description: CAN YOU FEEL THE FIRE!!! To all mages in Magnolia who think they are tough! Come see me in the East Forest at high noon. I wish to show you that physical prowess will always conquer your fruity magic attacks! If you except this challenge and win, I will pay you well. If you lose then you must admit that all mages are trash! And their will be no magical weapons nor magic permitted! This is a mans fight! Come ready to be crush puny mages!
Requirements: Cannot use magic. This guys is a cheater and has a retractable spear be wary of his deceit. He will draw this weapon if he feels he is losing.
Reward: 500 jewels

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