D-rank Slaving Away - River Slave

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D-rank Slaving Away - River Slave

Post by Rikka Babylonia on Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:52 am

Slaving Away – River Slave
Job Name:  Slaving Away – River Slave
Job Rank: D
Description:  After being captured by slavers you have been forced to slave away for their profit, being made to spend an entire day beside a stream rummaging through sack after sack of rocks and minerals in an attempt to find Lacrima or anything of value. You have been given all of the needed shifters and basic tools needed to determine if something is of value, however a lacrima implanted in your neck prevents you from stealing any of it. You are to slave away for an entire day at the job in order to avoid punishment.
Requirements: 250 words
Reward: 500 jewels
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