Caravan Escort

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Caravan Escort

Post by Rikka Babylonia on Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:23 am

Caravan Escort

Job Name: Caravan Escort
Job Rank: B
Description: A merchant has heard rumors of bandits attacking locals as they travel across the roads in the area and has decided that hiring a mage is worth more than hiring armed guards. Whoever takes up this missions is to escort the wagon of goods and it’s driver while they head towards their destination, defeating any bandits that attempt to assault it.

The bandit gang is made up of five people armed with C rank weaponry, three of the people are armed with C rank spears and the other two are armed with C ranked, single shot rifles. The mage is to head to the Mori Forest in Oak Town to begin the mission.
Requirements: 900 words
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