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Local Punk

Post by Rikka Babylonia on Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:23 am

Local Punk

Job Name: Local Punk
Job Rank: B
Description: A young mage of sixteen years old has grown into someone more arrogant and bratty after improving various old spells and growing stronger. In order to put the young child in its place a request has been sent out for a mage to humble the young mage in combat. Killing is strictly prohibited along with any scars or long term injuries. The mage is very… arrogant and bratty to say the least and typically encases themselves in armor before combat and using ranged attacks unless they are forced into melee. The punk can be found in Era.

Magic Name: Gem Magic
Magic Type: Caster
Magic Description: Gem Magic grants the user a strong mixture of offensive and defensive spells by allowing them to create and manipulate gems and other rare stones. They are able to create strong defensives, weapons, armor, shields, or any other physical object or method of attack that comes to mind.

Strengths: It grants the user the ability to have a strong defense and attacks with the strong gemstones it grants while having no elemental weaknesses.

Weaknesses: It has no elemental strengths or weaknesses, making it a neutral magic along with the fact that even with its strong mixture of defense and offense it is a purely physical based magic making energy based attacks impossible for the user.


Ability Name: Show Off
Ability Type: Supplementary
Range: 5m
Duration: until destroyed
Cooldown: 1 post
Mana Cost: 2 mp
Rank: E
Description: The user uses their magical power to create an object out of any gem they desire or a mixture of gems. It can be destroyed by a strong punch or any spells and is incapable of causing injury due to its frail nature. This spell is mainly used to create everyday tools or to make beautiful statues to show off with.


Ability Name: Gem Shower
Ability Type: Offensive
Range: 15m
Duration: instant
Cooldown: 3 post
Mana Cost: 10 mp
Rank: C
Description: Holding out their hand the mage creates a magical circle with a 5m radius, out of which marbles crafted out of various gems are launched out of in a straight line for up to 15m. Those caught in the area affected receive C-rank bruises and welts from the blunt damage caused by the marbles being launched at them.


Ability Name: Royal Armor
Ability Type: Defensive
Range: Self
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 4 posts
Mana Cost: 15mp
Rank: B
Description: The mage creates armor made out of rare gemstones to protect their body, shielding them from one A rank attack, two B ranks, four C ranks, eight D ranks, or sixteen E rank attacks. In addition it grants the user the ability to deal B rank damage with melee strikes due to the armored gauntlets it gives them.

Ability Name: Grand Cannon
Ability Type: Offensive
Range: 25m
Duration:2 posts
Cooldown: 4
Mana Cost: 15mp
Rank: B
Description: By encasing one of their arms with rare gemstones the user creates a small arm cannon on their body. Infusing it with their magical power the person is able to launch one cannon ball that deals B rank damage at an opponent or two smaller cannon balls that each deal C rank damage. The cannon lasts until it uses up its attack or until its duration runs out.

Requirements: 900 words
Reward:2000 jewels
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