Mission Difficulty Range

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Mission Difficulty Range

Post by Sayuri on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:23 am

This level of training is something that having magic may make things easier, however in reality are things normal humans are perfectly capable of doing. Its easy work that generally doesn't require much expertise to do, making it more along the lines of manual labor common. Loading cargo onto ships or wagons, cleaning a mansion, helping professionals with construction by aiding an extra pair of hands or even just driving a wagon from one town to another to deliver items.

These sorts of missions hold no danger to them other than injuries you carelessly inflict upon yourselves, it is the safest way of gaining jewels and easy to accomplish if one puts some sweat into them.

Missions of C rank are ones that hold a possibility of becoming injured or harmed in the process, ones that have the mage beginning to have the possibility to fight other creatures and have to use their magical powers to accomplish their goals. Hunting down local and nonmagical predators such as wolves, bears and lions are some things one can expect from this level of difficulty. Other things that can be requested but are not limited to include having the mage attempt to break into a lower or middle class house or business in order to steal an object, replace a ledger book, or plant items to get them in trouble with local authorities if the mage has magic to aid them or special skills and talents with such things. Or even to rough up some local merchant some to get a payment out of them, fighting against armed humans or mages aren't generally apart of this request level.

Fighting tends to come required with missions of this rank than the previous ones with the mage beginning to find themselves fighting against humans such as other mages of their level, armed guards, or even bandits. Requests have now turned more to things that normal human’s aren’t as equipped for as mages, resulting in more human confrontation, stronger predators being required to hunt down, or other missions that require magical spells in order to succeed.

Requests of this level can often result in a fight between mages of roughly equal level, be it from defending against a dark guild mage or assaulting something protected by a light guild mage. These are not missions that one should take lightly and needs the mage to use a combination of their magical strength and brains in order to succeed. Strong magical beasts, guards armed with magical weapons, buildings with good security and steel vaults are around this level. These are missions that only experienced and proven mages should consider taking alone with it being highly recommended to have a team to assist them on it due to the dangerous nature.

Wiping out small dark guilds, raiding very well protected outposts, slaying incredibly powerful monsters or even assassinating powerful mages are just a few things that can be requests of things at this difficulty. Only S ranked mages are capable of accepting these missions with a team of mages requiring at least one S rank and the rest A ranks to even be allowed to carry it out. It may not be required however having a team of mages is nearly essential in order to fulfill these requests without the mage suffering serious injuries or even dying as a result of them. Only mages that are very well prepared and experienced can even hope to take one of these by themselves.

A team of at least three S ranks are required to even think about requests of this level, requests that even guild aces hesitate to take by themselves. Fighting rival guild Aces, going against some of the most powerful guards in the country and trying to wipe out an entire guild or organization that is like a fortress are just a few things that come to mind with these requests in addition to hunting down some of the most feared magical creatures.

Guild Master Rank
No normal mage can even hope to accomplish this mission, a lone Ace is incapable of even thinking about accomplishing it by themselves while masters of guilds have to put themselves at risk to try and fulfill it. These are the rarest and by far the most dangerous requests in all of fiora, missions that requires them to struggle with everything they have to in order to accomplish them. Wiping out powerful dark guilds, killing off guild masters, things on this level are so few and rare that it is surprising to find more than one or two posted up in a guild if at all.

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