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Little Talks

Post by Rikka Babylonia on Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:42 am

Little Talks

Job Name: Little Talks
Job Rank: B
Description: After an unfortunate misunderstanding it seems as if an up and coming mage has claimed to witness a brutal assault on the outskirts of Oak Town and ended up as the only witness to the crime. The accused party, a local loan shark, is deeply hurt that someone could think him capable of doing such things to a poor shop owner. As such the Loanshark, known as “Brutal Fist”, has sought out another mage’s help in order to try and politely talk sense into the young mage. After all there is no way such a respectable person as Brutal could harm another human.

Those who take up this mission are to travel to the outskirts of Oak town where the mage has a cabin in the woods where he is able to train peacefully and attempt to get him to step down as a witness and let the case fall apart. It should be noted that a conversation could naturally lead to more… heated discussion, however any long term affects could end up making the case much worse for the employer. As such he requests the mage merely keeps the conversation to a nonfatal level.

The loanshark would also like to warn those who take up this mission that the mage in question is known to use ice magic for a variety of offensive and defensive spells and is known to be capable of using B ranked spells.
Requirements: 900 words
Reward: 2000 jewels
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