Wave Magic

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Wave Magic

Post by Sayuri on Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:05 am

secondary magic

Magic Name: Wave Magic
Magic Type: Caster Magic

Magic Description: Wave Magic is a form of magic that nullifies incoming magic attacks at the user. The user creates waves out of vibrations and can cause explosions when the vibrations hits somebody else's magic. These waves can be thrown as projectiles and the user also seems to be able to change the length and width of these waves. The user can also surround themselves with Wave Magic to make a shield. While inside it, the opponent's body will be continuously zapped.

Weaknesses: This magic only affects a certain type of magical energy and it can only eliminate that particular type. Therefore, when fighting several mages, the user can only negate the effect of one magic. When created a shield with Wave Magic, magic cannot be used inside the Wave, it will not protect the user from physical attacks, if the opponent manages to make contact.


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