Thought Projection

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Thought Projection

Post by Sayuri on Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:11 am

secondary magic

Magic Name: Thought Projection
Magic Type: Caster Magic

Magic Description: Thought Project is a atype of magic which allows its user to create a psychic copy of his or her body. This magic can work even over great distances, allowing the user to essentially be in two places at once. While some Thought Projections were intangible like holograms, used merely for communication.

Weaknesses: When advanced users create the alter-ego, the creation and maintenance of this alter-ego will be very taxing, however, essentially halving the user's overall magical power. Once the Thought Projection reunites with the user's body, the user's magical power returns to normal.

Specialness: Advanced users are able to create a particularly powerful Thought Projection that can physically interact with people and objects, even though it lacks physical form. This will allow the user to essentially live a double life as well as to trick the people into thinking that it could be your twin.

Jewels: 75.000 jewels

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