Palm Magic

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Palm Magic

Post by Sayuri on Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:39 am

secondary magic

Magic Name: Palm Magic
Magic Type: Caster Magic Type

Magic Description: Palm Magic is a form of magic that allows its user to focus his magic power in the palm of his hands. This significantly boosts the strength of the attacks he performs with the hands, allowing him to strike targets with great force through simple palm strikes. While noted to be a relatively orthodox magic, it is shown to be extremely powerful and effective when employed by a martial artist focusing on palm strikes.

Weaknesses: It weakness is long range magics or weapons, since you will need to use your bare hands and thus have to get close to your opponent for combat.

Specialness: When drinking a bottle of something alcoholic, it will give you a boost up to Drunken Palm Magic. This is a magic that is basicly the same as Palm Magic, the only difference is, is that it looks like you have drunk a little too much. It is used to confuse the opponent with the drunken moves while actually being really focused.

Jewels: 70.000 jewels

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