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Post by Sol "Snowman" Balmore on Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:03 am


First Name: Sol
Last Name: Balmore
Alias: Snowman
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: 29th April 1991
Relationships: Is single

Guild: Raven Tail
Class: D-Rank


Physical appearance:  Snowman is 6’2” Short dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. His clothing consists of a black hoodie with rips down each arm patched up by safety pins. An evangelion unit one short sleeved T-shirt (Black). Loose fit blue jeans frayed at the bottom. White worn new balance sports shoes. Snowman Possesses a thin frame. Snowman also possesses a Raven tail Guild tattoo across the left portion of his left 'Pectoralis Major' (sorry didn't know how else to describe that)  

Height: 6ft 2 inches
Weight: 154Lbs
Extra: Snowman has a small scar under his chin he picked up as a child as well as a 6 inch scar across his left half of his collarbone that he has had since he was a baby. Snowman had many health problems as a child so as a result of all the apparatus used to keep him monitored he was left with a small scar on his collarbone that grew bigger as he got older. The scar on his chin was the result of a time when Snowman tried to get out of the bath when he was little without his mothers help. He slipped and cracked his chin off the side of the bath leaving a small scar behind.

Face Claim:  DUCIS ENBURION from Castle Fantasia 2 ~Seima Taisen~.


Personality: Snowman has built up a reputation for keeping people at a distance. He will often put up a cold and sometimes mean introduction to keep people at bay, earning him the title of ‘Snowman’. Snowman is of Scottish origin. His homeland is very cold and windy all the time and his magic reflects this, he is very proud of his country. Snowman is very shy around newcomers which only furthers his mean demeanour but he is fiercely loyal and prefers a support role in fights rather than an offensive role. Although preferring to be alone Snowman needs people around him or nearby even if only strangers, he hates isolation many eyes see many things but Snowman on his own fears someone may sneak up on him. Unlike Grey Fullbuster Snowman does not have a stripping habit.

Training is very important to Snowman. Magic amazes him not because of its destructive properties but for the way it is created and used from wizard to wizard. Snowman is very observant even during a conversation he will glance around the area seemingly uninterested but this is just a nervous habit of his.  Snowman is very rational. He doesn’t know how to deal with most stimulus often deciding to ignore or remove the problem, rationalising it down to its base elements (sort of like Crona from soul eater but not as bad). Snowman has little confidence outside of the magic field of study. The magic he produces gives him a sense of empowerment. He likes flat/small chested girls as he doesn’t really know what to do with big chested women. Snowman is quite often unable to talk around girls he likes rather he will just blush and hope she takes initiative with conversation.

Likes: Night (because it’s dark and everyone is usually sleeping so he can be alone with his thoughts), Cold, windy climates (they remind him of home), Other types of magic and wizards, Tomboys (they are easier for Snowman to understand and get along with), Animals (Snowman spent a lot of time in the woods with animals growing up).

Dislikes: Bullying (Snowman was bullied all through school before finding magic), Social gatherings (Snowman doesn’t know how to handle conversation outside magic very well), Tight clothing (they restrict Snowman’s movements)

Motivation: Snowman wants to teach his style/types of magic to others one day, but he can’t do that until he has mastered his magic once mastered he will show children the wonders of magic and that it is not just a tool for destruction but a tool for everyday life. Snowman also wants to combine magic with martial arts and someday master it.

Fears: Fear of failure, fear of isolation and fear of abandonment. (check history for explanation.)


Magic Name: Sleet magic
Magic Type: Ice form and directional wind/Healing magic
Magic Description:

Ice form magic:
Snowman can create inanimate objects out of ice (like grey fullbuster) often fashioning weapons such as swords and spears. Snowman can also create shields and make surfaces slippery.

Directional wind magic:
Snowman can use gusts of wind to propel his ice magic like magical artillery. This can also be applied to evasion and martial arts to add power to sweeps and thrusts.

Healing magic:
Snowman uses ice and magic to treat injuries (see s-class exam arc in fairy tail where Grey blasters ice over his wound although it’s only limited to surface wounds.) Snowman cannot treat internal injury's he can create splints from ice to keep broken bones straight but aside from that you’re out of luck.


Snowman grew up under a military regime. Both his parents were in the military and their household was no different. Snowman lived a hard but fair life under his parents, being trained in magical artillery from 10 years old. School was just as hard as home, Snowman was subject to beatings by the local kids for many years. This greatly affected Snowman’s self-esteem and hampered his studies into magic. Due to the nature of his class at school Snowman has always been a nervous/shy person always expecting a beating or thinking the worst out of most scenarios. Snowman’s homeland was never on the best of terms with its neighbouring countries and his parents always feared that one day their country would go to war. By the age of twenty Snowman knew the basics of magical artillery and healing magic when his country went to war. The war lasted two years from which his parents never returned Until then Snowman had hated his parents, he never understood why they were always so strict with him but now that they were gone he understood that they did what they could for him the only way they knew how. Snowman now trains in the woods surrounding his town, often disappearing for days and drifting back into and away from town on a whim. Snowman lacked purpose after his parents died. Not big on joining the military like his parents he opted to join a guild. Hearing of Fairy Tails exploits in Taverns around town. Snowman does not wish to join Fairy tail, rather he would like to join Raven Tail. Snowman feels that they are not as ‘High Key’ as Fairy Tail thus he could avoid attention and Raven Tail is just big enough so that he could learn a lot from their guild members.

RP Sample:
Snowman stood before a tall elder tree. Spreading his legs out and assuming a stance with both arms outstretched crossing his arms
“Ice-make” A small amount of ice began to form between Snowman’s crossed arms “spike!” The ice began to elongate into a small pointed shard. “LAUNCHER!” With the last word Snowman thrust his arms outwards generating a spiral gust of wind that put a spin on the shard and propelled it towards the elder tree. Snowman breathed a sigh of relief. At least the shards are piercing the bark now he thought to himself. Looking up at the sky he could see stars starting to come out. He was starting to get exhausted so Snowman opted to journey back into town for a few cold ales before bed.

Snowman sat at the bar of the Black Bull Inn.
“Hey Snow! Did ya hear! Raven tail saved a research team up on Mt Hakobe!?”  The Bartender announced in his usual cheery demeanour. “even took out one of them ice wyvern’s too I hear…”
“Hmph…uh huh you shouldn’t believe everything you hear man” Snowman wasn’t particularly in the mood for talking, preferring to stare at the bottom of his mug.
“Ya Know Snow you should apply to a guild. You are one of those magic users right?”
Snowman put down his mug. “I was thinking of joining Raven Tail now that you mention it. I could learn more about manipulating wind from Emiko and maybe I can offer my services as an ice mage to their guild”
“Aren’t many wizards around these days Snow, should take every chance you get” the bartender grumbled.
“Yeah perhaps you are right” Snowman smiled “but first im off to bed before your watered down booze makes me sick” with that Snowman stood up, rounded the corner and proceeded to climb the stairs to his room for the night.
Snows notes: Well I don’t write very good on my own. I work better in groups as Snow is a support character…for now anyway. I’ll probably have to write more in this application but for now this is my first attempt.

Source: Was looking for the Air Gear forum I used to post in and stumbled upon this one by accident.

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Re: Snowman

Post by Alyssia on Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:23 am

Okay, there is nothing wrong with this character except I'm not approving it until you use the template we provided at the bottom of this page here:

And in regards to your magic you also need to actually make a magic application which contains the information regarding to specific spells and further information on that can be found here:

Now onto the character itself. Physical appearence needs to be at least one paragraph and on account of your magic the only issue is the wind magic being able to heal, in combination with the ice based capabilites it's a little too much for a single magic to be able to do but using wind to launch your ice objects is a ok. Finally, while he is allowed the nickname Snowman I also require you to imput his birth name.

Do that and this character will be good to go and as per the sites rules I'll change your account name to your character name.
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Re: Snowman

Post by Sol "Snowman" Balmore on Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:57 pm

Alyssia wrote:Okay, there is nothing wrong with this character except I'm not approving it until you use the template we provided at the bottom of this page here:
But I did use it...I even forgot to take out chunks of it as I was creating my character xD

Took me 2 hours but the changes have been made. Snowman can no longer use wind magic to do any kind of healing. His birth name is sol balmore and I added a little more into the description.
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Re: Snowman

Post by Alyssia on Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:47 am

What is this "mana overdrive" mode? And if you're looking for an alternate to "major pectorals" you can just put "breast" or "chest"

And no you didn't use it, if you did it would have bold and italics.


place your character appearance here


[b]First Name:[/b]
[b]Last Name:[/b]



[b]Physical appearance:[/b]


[b]Face Claim:[/b]








[b]Magic Name:[/b]
[b]Magic Type:[/b]
[b]Magic Description:[/b]


[b]RP Sample:[/b]

That is the template^
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Re: Snowman

Post by Sol "Snowman" Balmore on Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:48 am

all fixed although your center tags aren't working.

Mana overdrive is sort of a homage to my air gear days where your powers were such that the human body was your greatest limitation (people would literally end up in hospital after TRAINING) as for Mana Over drive itself it's one of Raven Tail's 3 arch spells ^_^ Fairy Tail gets three Razz why can't we? xD Mana over drive shortens cast times for the user by (you decide how many posts) but the increased strain on the human body is such that extended use is lethal and can even cause death of the user.
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Re: Snowman

Post by Alyssia on Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:54 am

Ah, well that is a problem as A.Those Arch spells don't exist here so unless you create a spell under your magic as that but it won't be one of Raven Tail's arch spells so you'll need to remove it.

Short answer is that isn't allowed so you'll have to remove it and you didn't use the entire template as everything is in bold. Just copy and paste the template, then fill out the details.
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Re: Snowman

Post by Sol "Snowman" Balmore on Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:20 pm

Fixed the b Tags and took out Mana Overdrive
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Re: Snowman

Post by Alyssia on Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:45 pm

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Re: Snowman

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