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Rin Sakamoto

First Name: Rin
Last Name: Sakamoto
Alias: Pipsqueak or pip
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality:  Straight
Birthday: 1/12/1996
Relationships: Is single

Guild: /b] Raven Tail
Class: S Rank


Physical  appearance: His eye colour is brown and has long black and white hair that covers his face. he's usually seen wearing a dark robe like clothing accompanied by a Long black sword which is kept the hilt covered with a white bandage. He also wear a pair of red blood like vambracers which cover my form arm and hands

Height: 6 foot 3
Weight: 165 pounds
Extra: Deep Scar on right cheekbone

Face Claim: Fan Drawn image and I don't claim any ownership.


Personality:  Smithie has made a reputation for himself as being a dark and mysterious figure, who's backround and history is not well known. He's a weak talker who rarely introduces himself. He doesn't care much for people or for companionship. He relies solely on himself and hasn't trusted another person since his father died. If you get to know him you'll realise he is a twisted but happy person. When it comes to family he is the most determined person to keep them protected. ( See History for example). Smithie's solitude is his mind, he's never let a single person in, it's what keeps his faith in himself intact, if people found out what was in there they'd be corrupted and broken. This is because of the horrors and nightmare's he's been through to achieve his goal.

Likes: My character like's reading (To gain idea's for developing a new spell, favourite genre is fantasy.), Learning to master his spells (Which he does when he can) and his favourite is getting absolutely smashed. (drunk that is) .

Dislikes:  Spiders, bullying and people who think they're everything. especially spiders!!!

Motivation:  My character's motivation is he wants to find his father who vanished from his mother one day and never heard from since, as well as redemption for his mother and other's that have had the same fate.

Fears:   Heights and spiders.


Magic Name: Holy Magic.
Magic Type: Holy.
Magic Description: Smithie's Holy Magic is a unique type of magic that's used for banishing demon's back to hell. He does this by either Script magic or Light magic. The Script magic is purely defensive, the spells are all temporary the advantage with this is Smithie has a rune book that he can cast the spell quickly but it's not as powerful as it would be casted fresh. With the disadvantage is that there is always a way around the script, meaning that they can be broken.
With the offensive side to the Holy Magic is the light, The holy redemption that's taught the exorcist's who want to rid Earth Land from Demons. The Advantage to this  is that the light spells are more powerful in the day then at night because of the sun's light. with the disadvantage being that it doesn't work on any other holy users.


History: Smithie First started learning Holy Magic after his adoptive father, Brock, Took him in, Father Brock, being a priest, was a Holy man who helped everyone he could. He took in Smithie after Smithies' mother was slaughtered one night by demons.
It was a silent dark night in the Town Smithie and his mother was living in. It was peaceful like every night. Not much ever happened in the town. it wasn't well known, and it was in a solitude area which was inhabited by 15 people, all of whom consisted of 4 family's which have come and gone over the years to explore new lands or to settle somewhere else.
It was nearing midnight when it happened, the Scream's of the Newman family nearby were the first heard. They screamed, gargling for help. Smithie's mother ran in to his room in a shock, panicked and crying. The sight of her made him cry. he's never seen his mother like this. She looked like a plagued corpse. She ran to him and picked him up, Caressing his face with graceful but cold hands. Smithie was only 3 at the time but remembers the story well. They had a secret cellar in the house which was used as a shelter in case of an emergency like this. She told him that he needed to hide and to give him a life his mother wouldn't come back. His mother's name was Evie. The name was branded into Smithies head. She told him that once the noise has gone run to the church and look for Father Brock he will help you. Smithie was scared at this point, he heard screaming, crying and laughter. but his mother laid him in his bed in the cellar and sung the lullaby she does to get him to sleep.
The Last thing Smithie remembered was his mother telling him about Father Brock and saying that he can help him. At this point it was quiet, Smithie could hear birds chirping like they did every morning. This gave him some comfort, it also made him to believe all of last night was a dream, if it wasn't for the smell of burnt wood along with some other god awful smell that made him cringe. He went out to discover what truly happened for himself. He stepped foot outside the cellar to be blinded by the light, which is odd seeming as the cellar went straight to the kitchen. Which was discovered no longer to be existent. As he wondered his now burned down home he saw the remains of his mothers clothing with a skeleton. A dark, red and stinking skeleton. Smithie being 3 didn't understand what any of this was, He thought it was more important to fulfil his mothers wishes and carry on with going to Father Brock. As he walked through his demolished town, gloomily, scraping along the floor towards his destination.

Upon arriving at the holy grounds Father Brock was already waiting for Smithie at the gate with open arms. Smithie was upset, Fragile and scared. He didn't know what was happening but Father Brock Greeting him with what was Smithie's new nickname; Pipsqueak a great big bear hug. Little did the pipsqueak know Father Brock was there that night but was too late to help his mother.
Over the years Father Brock trained pip to be a Holy Mage. These involved varies training methods as well as training in the history and uses of the magic. In the ranks of Holy Mages you have The lower rank Rookie, Mage and then an Exorcist. (Yes this idea's from Ah No exorcist don't knock me on that ^^) . Father Brock was astonished of how quickly pip was training, by the time he was 8 he was nearly a fully pledged Exorcist. He was the quickest and youngest Holy Mage to complete his training in existence. By the time Smithie was nearing his 16th birthday.

Smithie's 16th birthday was when everything went to bad. Father Brock told him about the night with his mother and that he couldn't save her. But this wasn't the reason this was the worst day of his life, no. The reason for that is because the Demons came back, not for him but to avenge the kin killed 13 years ago. They were there for Father Brock. To his dying breath Smithie helped fend off the demons but not before they got to Father Brock. They got a fatal blow on him which was bad. Nothing he had been taught could help Smithie Save Brock. Brock's last words were "Your Father is out there, go now, look for him, you can identify him by a scar down his right cheekbone. I love you Pipsqueak" He smiled when saying this knowing his son would find him.

RP Sample: It was nearing midnight as Smithie laid before the star. He was used to this at this point. No family, No friends and nowhere to go. But he just laid before the stars as they shined. on many occasions he would try and count them all but only reached to a point of falling asleep. So instead of counting them he just listen. The river close by with it's rushing waters, The mating call of the night animals. and the sway of the tree's as the wind impacting on the branches.
"What a fine night to be out" Smithie hummed.
As the wind died down Smithie Smelt an ungraceful presence. It gave him goosebumps. not knowing what this presence was, he stepped back into the brush to hide. He could hear it at this point. What ever this was, Stunk, really bad. It made him cringe and it brought tears to his eye, a bit like an onion, As the smell got worse, he begun to hear them. "He must be here somewhere i heard he doesn't have a home, i can finish what i left off 13 years ago. Just like i did his mother." The thing was laughing like a physco. Upon hearing these words Smithie went into a rage. He wanted revenge on the one that got away.

As the thing got into smithie's view he was disgusted. It looked like a normal human being but the smell was horrendous, It's face was covered in spots, scars and scabs. They looked like something out of a horror movie. Smithie by this point just didn't care, he went straight in and blinded the demon. "What the fuck?" The demon was covering his eye's and that was when smithie striked, he hit hard and fast with light fists he just wanted revenge for his mother. He was crying now just from the memories he held dear. his hand were trembling with every punch and he was soaked with sweat. The demon didn't stand a chance, Smithie was too strong and fast for him to do anything about it. After the demon stopped moving, Smithie got up and just stumbled about in the night full of dark, sad, rage. He wanted to let it loose but there wasn't anything about. He stumbled across a Huge building with a guild logo, His adoptive father Brock told him about these, they're all over the place. Built for mage's to join and work for. Smithie was intrigued when he was told this and always wanted to know what it was like to be in a guild. He stepped in and was asking around of how to apply for the guild and join. The guild's name was Raven Tail.
Source: Snowman and Pera are good friends and recommended it to me.

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Re: Smithie

Post by Alyssia on Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:38 am

First things first.

You need to use the template which is right here:

place your character appearance here


[b]First Name:[/b]
[b]Last Name:[/b]



[b]Physical appearance:[/b]


[b]Face Claim:[/b]








[b]Magic Name:[/b]
[b]Magic Type:[/b]
[b]Magic Description:[/b]


[b]RP Sample:[/b]


Next on the list: You need about three lines more for appeareance and a general note do not relate to your character by "I or me" it makes it fairly irritating to read, you can rp using first person but for the sake of this app I'm going to have to enforce you use third person terminology like "him" or "they"

And if you want S-rank you'll need to apply for it here: which brings me onto my next point, regardless if you have previous role playing experience or not you still need to provide a 200 word sample at least which will need to be a lot longer if you want S-rank.

And for your history you mention Smithie was found wondering around a dark mountainous pit which is fine but I would like you to include how Smithie ended up in that situation. One other thing relating to your history; if you're unable to get the S-rank spot that part about performing S-rank spells will need to be removed.

And for your magic, it can be called "demon slayer magic" but you will not be able to eat your respective element like dragon slayers do but you can apply for dragon slayer magic, that would require you to have to re-work your history to being taught it by a dragon though.

For the face claim section you just need to put the name of the character you're using for the face claim there. And finally you will need at least two paragraphs for your personality.
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Re: Smithie

Post by Smithie424 on Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:49 am

Doing a "Bump" to show I've updated it.

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Re: Smithie

Post by Alyssia on Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:07 pm

First things first: You have used the application but you've bolded all of it which you're not meant to do so just bold the heading like this:

Name Alyssia.

"who's back-round" I think you mean background.

"By the time Smithie was nearing his 16th birthday he Surpassed his mentor who was the strongest Holy mage in Earth Land and was now considered the Strongest." Sorry but no, there is no promise you'll get the S-rank by applying for it in the section so this part will have to go.

And you still need an rp sample regardless if you have previous experience or not.

And where it says character at the very top? Replace that with his name and center the image please. Also remove that "place your character image here" thing
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Re: Smithie

Post by Smithie424 on Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:10 am

Right i believe that's everything for the application, i think it's just applying for S-Class and the Magic application if you've approved of this now that i've done the update Smile

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Re: Smithie

Post by Alyssia on Fri Oct 18, 2013 1:35 am

I'm fine with this but up until you apply and get the S-rank spot this shall remain unapproved.

And while your rp sample is good enough for approving this application it isn't long enough for an S-rank spot so go to this page:

Follow the instructions and if you get the S-rank spot I'll be approving this, if not then you can either change your rank or re-attempt it the S-rank.

On a side note, you may want to use either bold, colour or something like that to differentiate character dialogue from non-dialogue lines.
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Re: Smithie

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