Perathon Sakamoto's magic

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Perathon Sakamoto's magic

Post by Perathon Sakamoto on Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:45 am


Magic Name:  Weapon's Souls
Magic Type: Caster
Magic Description: Unlike Most Caster magic Perathon actually needs to have physical contact with his weapon to achieve Weapons Souls. If a sword is drawn parts of Perathon will take on the quality of the material that he is holding, so if Perathon is holding his battle axe his forearm will turn to wood and several smaller curved blades will be produced. The advantage of this is that at higher levels he can effectively turn his whole body into a weapon, the disadvantage is if the weapon is removed from Parathion's grasp he is unable to maintain the effect.

Strengths: As Perathon has lost his left arm he can focus Weapons Souls and create a weapon and arm of the same material in place of the one he has lost. If the original is enchanted with any sort of Runes or lacrima basic effects carry over but for more powerful abilities great concentration is required and the mana consumption is doubled.

Weaknesses:  Once the weapon is separated from Perathon or if the weapon is destroyed in combat then the effects of Weapons souls are lost, So constricting Perathon's movements gives the opponent a greater chance to remove the weapon and thus Perathon's magic from the fight.


Ability Name: Solid joints
Ability Type: Transformation
Range: Area in contact with weapon.
Duration: 4 Post's
Cooldown: 2 Post's
Mana Cost: 10 mana
Rank: E - Rank
Description: Description: Hand and fore arm takes on the Material of the weapon Pera is holding, If the material is wooden additional blades come out over his fore arm and act as an additional guard. If the material is metal then aside from increased sturdiness there is no additional effect.

Ability Name: Strong Properties
Ability Type: Transformation
Range: Arm's at low level/ entire body at higher level
Duration: 3 Post's
Cooldown: 3 Post's
Mana Cost: 10 mana
Rank: E - Rank
Description: As Perathon's arms are changed into wood and metal he can use Strong Properties to not only harden the skin to increase his defense but he can also use this to greatly increase his physical strength. The higher quality the weapon the greater the strength.

Ability Name: Dash and Slash
Ability Type: Caster/Holder Type Magic
Range: 3 - 7 meters
Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown: 2 Post's
Mana Cost: 2 Mana
Rank: D - Rank
Description: By placing a lacrima with in  his favorite sword Perathon has been able to enhance it with wind, gaining the ability to use the wind to rapidly lunge himself towards an opponent. This movement is normally used as an initiate and can frequently catch your opponent off guard.

Ability Name: Evisceration Gyration
Ability Type: Caster/Holder Type Magic
Range: 2 meters
Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown: 3 post's
Mana Cost: 8 Mana ( 4 for each blade )
Rank: C - Rank
Description: By enhancing his Left arm ( More accurately his left hand Sword ) With the same effects that the lacrima has given the original Perathon is able to direct one blade in front and one blade behind and pivot on his feet. Once done he released the energy with in the blades and rapidly spins in a circular motion slicing into everything close with the gusts of wind generated of the blades.

Ability Name:  Ashen Ground
Ability Type: Caster/Holder Type Magic
Range: 10 meters
Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown: 3 Post's
Mana Cost: 10 Mana
Rank: B - Rank
Description: With Pera's second favorite weapon ( his battleaxe ) he has another lacrima with in it, Unlike with the sword this one attributes fire to the weapon. With great force Perathon is able to smash the blade of the weapon into the ground and force magical energy into the impact Pera can focus a small series of fiery explosions in a direction of his choosing. Each explosion feds of the last so the further away the target is the more hurtful it will be.

Ability Name: Brute!
Ability Type: Caster type
Range: His entire body
Duration: 2 Post's ( or aslong as Strong properties is still in effect)
Cooldown: 5 Post's
Mana Cost: 20 Mana
Rank: A - Rank
Description: Perathons Brute used to be his favorite trump card prior to loosing his left arm after which he was never able to use the huge Claymore sword again. Through will and shear strength Perathon learned to use the blade with a single hand he then learned to duplicate it onto his left. Though unable to use its full glory at this level Perathon is able to actived some of the runes with in it and slash out at enemies with such force that a large wave of energy comes out of each sword and crushes all in its path. ( Perathon is able to use a single wave from each sword once per post so two in total ).

Perathon Sakamoto

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Re: Perathon Sakamoto's magic

Post by Alyssia on Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:27 am

You realise you will need to buy his sword and battleaxe seperately right?

Solid joints: No matter what material used for the weapon it will not gain any increased defensiveness or offensive ability. Appearence matters like different blades and colours are fine but for offensive and defensive ability just put it as "E-rank"

Strong properties: Again the same basic thing, no to higher weapon qualites allowing greater strength. I'll allow it to either give him a two post D-rank shield or the ability to do a physical attack equal to D-rank as that is the entire point of this spell but it will only be able to do one of them and be limited to two posts to make up for this D-rank power.

Ashen Ground: No matter how far away the target is this ability will still do B-ranked damage.

Brute: The wave, how far does it reach?

And generally just list damage types for all of them. I may have missed some stuff as I am really tired so I'll take another look after you've made these changes.
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Re: Perathon Sakamoto's magic

Post by Darion Steinheil on Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:48 pm

You are only D-rank, which means that you can only have 3 E-rank spells and 2 D-rank spells.

Check the proper Mana costs. Also, if your spells have a duration, then a Mana upkeep is required.

Dash and Slash: How fast is he moving with the push? Also, say that a lacrima is imbedded, otherwise you will have to buy lacrimas continually.

Besides this, follow Alyssia's critique.
Darion Steinheil

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Re: Perathon Sakamoto's magic

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