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Alyssia Totorri

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Alyssia Totorri

Name: Alyssia Totorri
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Sexuality: Bi
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Guild: Raven Tail
Class: SS


Height: 5’11 feet.
Weight: 150lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair color/style: Black
Extra: The only accessory she ever brings with her is a silver necklace that has an emerald embedded in it. Because I am bad at describing things appearance I will just include an image right here for you:
The story of how she got this is pretty simple: She stole it from a rich noble while working with the criminal gang she hooked up with during her younger years, never got rid of it since.

Overall Appearance: Alyssia has a very well-toned body; it is the body of somebody who works out for the sake of general fitness but not to the extent of a body builder so she still has a soft feeling body. Her eyes are green and rounded yet really tired looking with some minor dark areas beneath them due to a lack of sleep at night, most of the time her eyes are covered by the fringe of her black hair that reaches half way down her torso which is very well maintained and always clean and brushed. Her breasts are rather plump and of a bigger than average size, coming in at around a D cup. Her hips are strangely very wide for a woman of her age, most likely to do with the nine tails that sprout from just above her waist line and the two fox ears which grow from her head. Her tails are very soft and fluffy by the way. Her legs are befitting of a person who swims often, well-formed and shapely; related to this her skin is white, not pale white like if she never went outside but average white.  

Onto the subject matter of clothing though; when she has to go outside for day to day reasons such as business or personal enjoyment she wears the outfit in the image above this section which is a red semi-dress like outfit that is designed to make room for her tails to fit out from beneath the bottom part of the dress like outfit. When it comes to the lower portion of her outfit it is a thigh length white skirt. For colouration the dress is mostly red but it does have golden lettering on the sleeves as well as a line of golden thread separating the skirt from the rest of the outfit. The upper body part of the outfit has white lining around the top of the dress.  Moving down to the arms, the outfit has long sleeves which are detached from the rest of the outfit, these sleeves also expose the shoulders of the wearer. And yes, this entire outfit has an eastern culture theme about it hence the golden bell attached to the front of the outfit.

At night time though when she is sleeping she picks from two different outfits; one being a simple black two piece bikini or swim suit if the nights are too warm for her normal night time outfit. Her warm weather night time outfit is rather simple and plain so there isn’t much to say about it except for the fact she also wears it when she goes swimming, either this one or a red version of it.

There is a lot more to say about her winter weather outfit though. For starters it is less of a sleeping outfit and more like a modified version of her day to day outfit hence why she also wears it In public during the colder months of the year. Unlike her normal outfit this one is a lot less revealing (apart from the low cut chest region) and has rather a lot of fur added to it, specifically around the neck area, the elbows of the outfits gloves and lastly, it has fur additions around the waist section. This outfit does also come with a gemmed headpiece but she doesn’t always wear that, at least not while sleeping and oh, speaking of gems the outfit has gems embedded in the gloves and the necklace.

Face Claim: Ahri from league of legends.

Real life Alyssia!


Likes: Her ears being petted or scratched behind, she finds a strange enjoyment in this in the same sense as a household cat would like it; on this note though Alyssia loves to be pampered and taken care off in the same sense as cats are stereotyped as enjoying. Sweets: Alyssia has a massive sweet tooth so one should never get between her and sweets but not chocolate as she finds it a bit too fattening due to the fact she has no self-control when it comes to eating the stuff.

She also likes tea but only with a lot of sugar added, and any dairy products except cheese, she just cannot stand it at all; she really enjoys milk though strangely.
Spiders, she has a massive love of spiders and other insects, her love of insects and other small things comes from the fact she believes that they are under appreciated and not treated right.

Swimming, despite it making her tails poof up and become even fluffier, Alyssia enjoys swimming very much as it gives her a feeling of freedom.
Cooking, she found it easier to just cook her own sweets and food instead of buying them. She can make some killer brownies.

Dislikes: Cats, she really hates cats and I mean really hates cats because they always meow and pester her for food, bunny rabbits too because she is part fox and still has fox like aspects to her; she kills rabbits on sight and then cooks them and of course she hates her tails being touched.
An exception to her like of insects is head lice, ticks and fleas, they are always so itchy and she hates catching them, hence why she takes such good care of her hair and tails.
The dirt; she can’t stand herself or her clothing getting dirty, torn or damaged in any way shape or form because she spends a lot of effort on maintaining her appearance.
Competition; for love and romance, for anything else she welcomes a challenge as she crushes her foes and destroys their hopes; she hates love and romantic competition because Alyssia might lose because of it.
A lack of money being a reason why she can't do anything, that and not having any sense of freedom.

Motivation: Profit, power and surviving, that is all she will admit to caring for or wanting.
Those are the only motivations she will admit to having but looking for love is one she has yet denies.

Fears: Abandonment due to her past and the events it contains.
Heights because she fears falling and the sensation of falling and tight spaces, she is claustrophobic.  
Losing her position of leadership and of course, the destruction of her guild.
The dark, again due to the events that led to her presence in the part of Fiore outside of her former small isolated village.

Overall Personality: First and foremost Alyssia takes no rubbish from anybody so if you have something that she wants or have wronged her in some way she will be up in your face about it and won’t back down unless her life is in danger of being ended; even then it would be hard to discourage her. She can be very possessive with people that she has grown attached to; She tends to claim people like this as hers and gets very annoyed when they prefer to spend time with other people instead of her yet, she treats them in a rather aggressive manner when they complement her or show romantic interest often insulting them. Outside of that though, if somebody she has no interest in complements her she acts very lady like in her responses by bowing and thanking them for the niceties despite not really caring which brings me onto the next point.

When you first meet her she has a very indifferent outer shell like she doesn't care at all about you but that’s all it is, an outer shell which can be broken though with time and effort. She may not be the most sociable person in the world beneath her shell she does possess very refined manners and a grand amount of politeness only to people she deems worthy.

Never anger her though; if you tick her off then chairs (Or any other object that she can throw) will fly directly at the source of her anger, if it’s somebody she has expressed romantic interest in then oh boy, the treatment will be far more severe. She will flirt if it’s a means to get what she wants due to a good amount of confidence in her appearance. Alyssia is also very practical and resourceful in getting what she wants, this also ties into the above personality trait of flirting to get what she wants; she will use anything at her disposal to further her own agenda but within reason so no sex boys.

Her primary love/obsession is jewels; don't think it’s because she is a greedy person or anything but for her the prospect of having a vast amount of money allows her a lot of freedom because she can just buy what she wants when she wants it which is kind of a turn on for her, makes her feel empowered and that makes a very happy little fox but without them she tends to get very worked up and stressed out due to the fact it pretty much denies her access to her hobbies and lifestyle.

Inside battle she gets pretty dominating by knocking down her opponent with her own powers and using words to insult them. She treats them like dirt and points out the stupidity of the mistakes her foes make which tends to just piss most people off yet, if she is fighting against somebody she respects then she will still fight dirty but not be disrespectful to them in the way she speaks.

When it comes to herself and people who are above her in the chain of command she always oversteps her mark but has good reasons, while she may not want to be a leader the sort of niche she fits into is that of an advisor. Take the current guild master of Raven Tail for example; let’s say they are being childish or are about to make a stupid decision then she would point out the fact it’s stupid and why it’s stupid then suggest a better solution if one exists, if one does not exist then she would point the potential dangers of that idea.

On a side note Alyssia has a very heavy French accent.


Alyssia was born in a backward little town that you won’t find on any map and for good reason, the people of this town where not like normal humans so they hid themselves from the rest of the world helped greatly by the fact their town was surrounded on all sides by large mountains and only a small cave provided an exit but this cave was barred by a very large and imposing metal gate that nobody was allowed to open.

The truth of the matter is this gate was used to expel anybody among the village who showed magical abilities, the town hated magic as it was to blame for why they were living here to begin with but, the reason why this towns people were so special; it is because due to an incident in the past all the people of this town had features belonging to animals, some with claws, others with longer noses and some with tails or wings and this is why Alyssia has her nine tails and fox ears, she was a rare case; in fact her rareness continued to make itself apparent as she grew up and aged. She developed a giant love of swimming and sweets (along with her parents teaching her lady like manners and what not), strangely for a fox she took to the water like it was where she belonged, when it came to the sweets she always ate through them really quickly and got annoyed so she learnt to cook them herself, all of this was done at a surprisingly young age of only 12.

As she grew older and reached the age of 19 things started falling apart in a big dramatic movement. Alyssia was out playing in the fields with her friends during a game of hide and sneak which she got separated from the others in the forest that grew around the gate; while lost she stumbled upon a box and inside that box was a book but this was no ordinary book and the moment Alyssia touched it an influx of images, different places, different people and all sorts of events and lives of people flooded through her mind which awoke the normally locked magically talent the people of her village possessed but, of course this was very bad news for the 19 year old Alyssia as the moment the rest of the village found out they banished her due to a primitive stupid view of magic by throwing her into a cave and leaving her there with the book.

Now, normally you'd imagine a 19 year old girl to probably end up dying of starvation or due to lack of water and while Alyssia did actually come close to that death did not claim her, mainly due to the supply of water absorbing mushrooms she found in that cave but that is besides the point. After literally crawling through the dirt and the dark she eventually found her way out into, along with that book, into a brand new world with brand new people yet, Alyssia was destroyed, everything she had known, her friends, her family and her life had been stripped away from her and she was lost with no idea of what she should do now... That is when she made a choice, she decided to just try and survive by any means necessary, and this was a brand new world! Filled with amazing new opportunities and people! So off went the nine tailed girl with her new powers and that started the events which led her personality and interests as well as life to become what it is now, her old life was gone forever but she had forged a new one from its shards.

For the next few years Alyssia made a living as a hit-women, black mailer and generally a spy in one of the small time gangs that frequented Oak Town due to the fact Raven Tail's criminal actions created a lot of opportunity for business; this was how she formed a large network of different contacts inside the criminal underworld of all sorts of forgers, black market merchants, assassins and thief's. Eventually Alyssia quit the small time group and decided to go independent, she had built a decent amount of money and so used this to fund her own "helping people with unusual problems" business, while also spending a lot of time since she escaped from that cave improving her magical talents, and this is what lead to the creation of Raven Tail. Eventually Alyssia's network of contacts and own independent business grew attracting more and more people climbing up the criminal empire of Fiore until finally they literally where the head criminal organization of all of Fiore and since then Raven Tail has been the center of the crime empire.  

Adult themes and content ahead. 1870 words:

With the reforming and opening of a few rival light and dark guilds, Alyssia decided that she needed to step up her own game and train to boost the power of magic hence why she was looking into an old story that had been present among Raven Tail for as long as she could remember; it was weird though, one day this old fable had just become popular among her guild and every time she tried to remember back it seemed like the story was just there, like it had always belonged but that couldn’t be right, she remembered one day the fable just showed up. It was a real mystery and Alyssia couldn’t stand it, if somebody out there was using magic to implant stories into the minds of her guild’s members then what else could they implant? Nobody screwed with her guild and lived to tell the tale, not unless she could profit from it anyway. Unsurprisingly, very few people had any information upon on the origin of this story but, one name among it did turn up some results, that of the name “Kutcha” which according to Alyssia’s research was the name of a god from a very old religion.

Anyway, dropping this god’s name among her contacts and doing rather a lot of research had lead Alyssia to a small mountain side village which apparently, didn’t exist on any map and was mostly unknown by the world at large, even in the local big city Magnolia and yes, this hidden village was nestled away securely underneath the shadow of Mt. Hakobe. Despite Alyssia’s normal disgust when it came to dirt and the filth that tended to accumulate among non-paved roads and locations, she had actually swallowed that and forced herself to walk along the dirt roads of this small little town which was apparently named Ravencroft. The town itself was really dreary and bland, it had a colour pallet that consisted of green, green and brown with green being due to the grass and plants while the other two colours where the paint used on the buildings. Man this place just seemed so dead, there was hardly anybody about which only served to make Alyssia more and more cautious of her surroundings.

Walking silently through the town Alyssia’s tails swished around behind her as her own fox like ears flicked in response to different noises around, most of these noises where things like the wind and the creaking of doors but you couldn’t blame her for keeping her ears out for anything that may or may not turn out to be a hostile. Continuing her walk through the town she came across a building which seemed to be something that any random stranger would have the right to walk into, a local tavern which was simply a front yet Alyssia didn’t know that but she would discover that this peaceful reserved village was in fact the base of something very adult and incredibly illegal. Walking into the store she was faced with something rather normal and expected, a simple man standing an equally simple counter with simple goods and wares around him. These goods where common house hold objects, cleaning supplies, clothing, food and other things in you would find alongside them.

Approaching the middle age and very pale man standing vigilant behind the counter, she smiled and waved at him politely making sure to keep a tight grip on Jack’s key with her spare hand, just in case this situation turned sour but luckily things wouldn’t be. “How may I help you today miss?...” the man asked with the intention of fishing for information which Alyssia could easily figure out from how his sentence dragged on like that, most people may not think this but knowing a person’s name could easily be used against that person. Alyssia turned around and leaned back on the counter stroking her hand down the shopkeepers check letting out a very cute and also a seductive sounding purr. “Could a cutie like yourself help little old me with the name Kutcha? nya~” and to finish it all off Alyssia went “nya” like a little cat would, even though cats don’t actually make that sound but whatever! It served its purpose.

His flushing red (as was Alyssia’s intent) the store keeper leaned back with a smile and hit a button beneath the store counter in front of him. The result of this action made ripples upon the world around which made itself known as a portion of the wall to Alyssia right opened up revealing a passageway into the ground.  The fox tailed woman was incredibly cautious of the opening in the wall but, dropping the name of what she was looking for is what promoted the shop keeper to open this hole in the wall (BRING ON THE WALL!) Standing there motionless like a tree, she watched as the shop keeper walked through the opening and down a flight of stairs beckoning her to follow; he hadn’t said a single word after opening the passageway which unnerved her.

Time to take the plunge then..” Our protagonist said to herself as more of a mantra and way to secure her resolve than actually inform anybody of what she would be doing next. Taking a deep breath, she walked forward confidently stepping onto the staircase. One, two, three; counting the stairs Alyssia walked down into the depths of darkness beneath store before finding herself in an environment that she wasn’t expecting. It seemed that even quaint forgotten about towns had corners of debauchery and darkness in them, this strip club and drug den judging from how half naked women and men where dancing around poles and upon the stages. Oh, if you were wondering how she knew this place was a drug den, it was due to the numerous people partaking in the consumption of drugs sitting at the tables, that and this places waitresses seemed to be giving out the drugs.

It was a shame Alyssia was on business, some of the female dancers here were actually pretty cute but oh well, as said she couldn’t mess about due to her apparent guide leading her through the strip club and then down another flight of stairs. As she walked down this staircase her guide seemed to just up and vanished leaving her alone but not for long as she felt a swift amount of force applied to the back of her head knocking her out unconscious; all she heard and experienced as she slipped in unconscious was muffled voices, broken glass and hurried footsteps. Slipping in and out of awareness all Alyssia was certain off was that she had been tied and bound while getting carried down a passageway with the only word she could discern from her would be captors was “Kutcha” meaning that she had indeed found what she was looking for, under bad circumstances though.

Waking up in what felt like hours later Alyssia found herself in a new environment and different clothing. The well-tailored red and white outfit that she normally wore had been replaced with a simple brown shirt and trouser, the sort of clothes worn by a prisoner which given the fact she had her keys missing and was in a prison cell alone made that an obvious assumption to make. “Well great… my keys are gone too..” letting out a disgruntled sigh Alyssia stood up, headed over to the cage door and upon trying to open it, but failing due to it being she sighed and began to think. Oh boy, she was going to have to use her womanly whiles again wasn’t she? Hopefully, whoever these people where had poorly trained guards. She sat down on the bed provided and waited and waited and waited for hours until, finally one of her captors visited leaving behind a plate of very unappetising food.

Making crocodile tears well up in her eyes and whimpering weakly Alyssia reached out and grabbed her captors arm sniffling. “Pl-please….I’m so lonely in here…won’t you come give me some company?” that was her best chance but, her captor wasn’t having any of it as he just huffed and walked away laughing at her, saying she was a cheap whore. “Well that didn’t go to plan…” and now Alyssia was in a real pickle of a situation; her only possible plan for escape had failed and she had no other idea how to escape except via being let out, or using lock picking knowledge to escape, which she didn’t possess so that plan was out. With no plan to escape Alyssia sat down and waited, said period of waiting ended up being hours? She had no idea due to the lack of a clock. Eventually her captors returned, in large numbers as they opened her cell and just dragged her out along the floor, normally a person may have resisted yet she didn’t for the purpose of luring her captors into a false sense of security.  

Eventually, her captors deposited her before what looked an awful lot like the statue her own guild had and beneath that statue an alter with a blood stained stone table and knife was there laid out for ease of access and to serve as the central point of this room“And now! We bring you a sacrifice oh mighty god!” out spoke a very old and grizzled man wearing black robes with numerous feathers and gems attached. It was pretty clear to Alyssia that these people where some sort of religious cult responsible for ya de ya de ya, oh such a bore. Looking around Alyssia luckily spotted her keys left out upon the stone slab that she was most likely going to be placed upon, but one of the guards moved the keys away as she was placed upon the stone sacrificial table.

I warn you know, you’re all going to die here…” the gathered male and female cultists just laughed her off which was to be expected but whatever, she had given them one warning and that was all they would get. Moving her tails around swiftly she picked up the knife, cut her bounds free and jumped up charging past the cult leader to grab her keys and jumped away smiling evilly. “I warned you fools..” and she summoned each and every one of spirit which is how the entire room became a blood bath, people screamed and died in the agony only known to Alyssia’s victims. And this was the tales end, she might not have found out about why that rumour suddenly appeared among her guild but she did gain many treasures as well as a very valuable book, she didn’t sell it but it contained many a secret of different kinds of magic.

With many months and weeks of hard work, practice, studying and effort she was able to finally master her illusionary magic but, what she didn’t know is that the cult’s god was following her very closely, not in the physical sense but let us just say in a world with spirits, keys and dragons gods being creepy stalkers where not that unusual.

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