Lucifer Walker [w.i.p]

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Lucifer Walker [w.i.p]

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Name: Lucifer Walker
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexuality: Gay
Alignment: lawful good
Guild: Rune Knights
Class: S-Rank


Height: 5'6
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair color/style: Lucifer's hair is an onyx color. His hair is spiked in the back with two long bangs that frame the side of his face
Extra: he has three tomoe surrounding his pupil.
Overall Appearance:
Lucifer is a fair skinned teenager with blood red eyes that have three tomoe that circle each pupil. His eyes on the edge are circled with pure black and his eyes tend to give off a ominous glow, especially in the dark. He is a male of average height for his age that is adorned by a muscular build, with jet black , chin length hair that is spiked at the back. He has bangs that hang right above his eyes that end at a spiked point, a long bundle of hair that hang from the sides of his face , roughly framing his cheeks.

Lucifer has two types of clothing he likes to wear, his civilian clothing and his clothing for the rune knights. His civilian clothing is rather simple yet and the clothing you will most likely see him in the most. His civilian clothing is consisted of a tight dark grey sleeveless shirt with dark blue pants that are a bit baggy. Over his dark blue pants is a cloth that is fashioned similar to a skirt, that hangs from his waist to a bit past his knees. A purple rope belt is used to hold this cloth up, and is fashioned in a type of bow. He also wears special made black sandals that have no covering for his toes, middle section or heel , he also has bandages around his for head under his bangs. This outfit is lastly finished with a semi-high collard black cloak.

Lucifer's rune knight clothing is a bit more distinguished, unlike his civilian clothing. He wears a tight sleeveless lavender rose colored shirt , which has a midnight black colored ankh printed on the front , the symbol all rune knights wear. Over the sleeveless shirt he wears a tight elegent double berated trench cost that is midnight black, like his ankh, the trench cost is usually kept buttoned and has a lavender rose colored outline. On each bicep of his arm he wears two small lavender rose colored belt strap. His pants are slim and midnight black which are held up by a black belt, he wears midnight black combat boots that go up his leg a little and has spikes along the front. Fingerless black gloves that go up too his elbow are also work by Lucifer in this outfit.

Face Claim: Sasuke Uchiha: Naruto



Law- Lucifer believes the law is what keeps the magical world in order. He believes without the thing we call law the world of mages and humans would be pure chaos.

Sweets- A die hard lover of sweets is what Lucifer should be classified as. It was a rare treat as a kid but ever since he had his first piece of sweetness he couldn't be more in love with them.

Weapons: He grew up forging weapons from just a small child, he had also liked to play with them. Though it was dangerous for a small child he feels that weapons are an extension of himself.


Dark Guilds: As a rune knight, Lucifer knows that dark guilds only cause pain to the world around them and he wishes to get rid of them.

Spiders- as a little kid, he had went into a large forest and was confronted by a large spider creature. Not afraid of it at first, he battled it but after it had knew and was about to devour him did he gain a fear for these creatures.

Fish- the smell and taste of fish just repulse him to the max, it is not really known why it just does and makes him sick if he ever ate one.


Rid the world of dark mages- dark mages killed his family, and put him to work as a slave as a child. He doesn't want them roaming the world and hurting people any longer. He simply wants to destroy the existence of all dark mages.

To get stronger-

Fears: What is your character's biggest fear? It could be anything! At least 2 fears with fitting explanations.

Overall Personality: What is your character like? Really fun and noisy? Or maybe really quiet and shy? Write at least 2 paragraphs about your character's personality.


History: Write about your character's past. Pinpoint important events and summarize the uneventful years. 300 words is the minimum length for history.
RP Sample: Post up a short story to define your way of Rping. This is highly recommended for people who apply for a higher rank! The rp sample usually gives the right amount of   

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