Sythril Aethis [WIP]

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Sythril Aethis [WIP]

Post by Sythril on Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:44 pm


"Nothing worth having comes easy."

Name: Sythril Aethis
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Sexuality: Straight/Hetero
Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: Fairy Tail
Class: S


Height: 6'11
Weight: 161lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair color/style: Sythril has platinum-blonde spiky hair
Extra: He has the body of an average human.

Overall Appearance: Sythril is typically seen with his hair in a spiky style, but when he is feeling particularly lazy he will skip on the gel and let his hair hang loose. He has a defined, handsome face and a sharp nose with a high bridge. His body is toned and slim, and he is relatively tall for his age. As a result of his physical training he has defined biceps, abs, forearms, and pectorals. In terms of outfit, he is often seen wearing formal clothing and gentleman's suits. Not much of his apparel is informal and he rarely ever wears a simple outfit in public. He does not own any sneakers or running shoes; he only possesses boots and formal dress shoes (which are slightly uncomfortable for running). Syth walks confidently; his posture and build are healthy and he stands tall. One might say he walks with "swagger"; this leads most to believe he is an arrogant bastard (which is untrue.) Due to his (secret) inferiority complex he walks the way he does and wears the expensive clothes he does in order to camouflage it, so to speak. He believes that if he wears confident clothing he will be a more confident individual. Whether or not this is true is unknown by anyone except him, although he does look the part. He styled his hair the way he did in order to stand out more; if he wore his hair normally he would look like any other poser wearing a fancy suit, looking for attention and perhaps women.

Face Claim: Holland, Hetalia


Likes: [list]
[*]Eating: There is nothing better than filling up that cavernous stomach of his after a hard day of magic and training. In his earlier years he ate a great deal more, however- this led him to grow dramatically obese, an issue which he has since corrected over 5 years of dieting and strenuous workouts. However, he still loves to binge on junk food every now and then.
[*]Explosions:[/b] The thrill of destruction affects Sythril more than many others- he enjoys seeing things burst into a fiery ball of fire. This is due to the rush he felt when he

Dislikes: Spiders? Being isolated? Bullying? What does your character absolutely not like? At least 3 dislikes with an explanations.

Motivation: What is your character's drive? Maybe he or she has a goal? Or maybe it is family that keeps him or her motivated? At least 2 motivations with an explanation to each of them.

Fears: What is your character's biggest fear? It could be anything! At least 2 fears with fitting explanations.

Overall Personality: What is your character like? Really fun and noisy? Or maybe really quiet and shy? Write at least 2 paragraphs about your character's personality.


History: Write about your character's past. Pinpoint important events and summarize the uneventful years. 300 words is the minimum length for history.
RP Sample: Post up a short story to define your way of Rping. This is highly recommended for people who apply for a higher rank! The rp sample usually gives the right amount of addition for you to get approved at a higher rank.(optional)


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