Cheri Vaxion [Done]

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Cheri Vaxion [Done]

Post by Opal Gemstone on Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:31 pm



   Name: Cheri Vaxion
   Gender: Female
   Age: 17
   Sexuality: straight
   Alignment: Neutral Evil

   Guild: Raven Tail
   Class: A


   Height: 4'11
   Weight: 90 lbs
   Eye Color: Pink
   Hair color/style: Short brown hair with a part of her hair clipped with a candy hair clip.
   Extra: If you look closely, the top part of her eyes start to fade pure black.

   Overall Appearance: Cheri has a cute little girl appearence with short brown hair and a part pinned with a candy hair clip. Cheri has a vanilla skin color. Even though she is looks like a child, she wear's her older sisters slightly over-sized school uniform, but never actually knows how to get the bow part right. The school uniform is a white long-sleeved undershirt, gray vest, along with the red bow, a blue and yellow plaid skirt, black under-knee socks, and some normal brown loafers. Over all of that, she has a black jacket with a slight tint of blue, that has brown plaid four buttons around each jacket sleeve.

   Face Claim: None that I know of!



Playing! - When she was littler, she never got to play because she usually stayed at home and read big girl books! Cheri would look out the window and watch other kids enjoy the gift of playing with friends, but she could only watch. To think that it was just a few feet away, but so far. But now, she has all the time in her life to play! She would play anything as long as it would seem fun!

Beaches - Cheri use to live in a house next to a beach. She loved fishing, smelling the salt in the air, feeling the sand between her toes! That always use to make up for her never getting to play. Usually, she would go on a beach to learn, but she would always see it as a chance to explore and have fun. Though, she never got it her way.

Fantasy Books - Cheri always use to read fantasy books along side with all the educational stuff. She would always read them when she had time, and didn't feel like watching the other kids. Cheri would say, "Fantasy books are the key to my imagination!" But she always kept this to herself.
At night, Cheri use to read herself to sleep with fantasy books, and always getting fantasy dreams as a result. She read to herself because no one would read for her.


Being alone - As you should know from her likes (which gives out way too much of her past) she would always be watching kids play. Now that she has the chance to be free, and skip, and jump, and be herself, she wants to make as many friends as possible and not go back to her lonely life.

Scary Stories - Her older brother use to tell her scary stories all the time. This is another reason why she always read fantasy books. She wanted to get all those scary stories out of her head so she wont have nightmares! Cheri hates them and disagrees with a scary campfire story every time.

Very Quiet Places - She hates very quiet places because she feels safer when people are around her. When she was littler (again) she use to be very quiet, but now with all the freedom in the world, she loves to be loud! She likes banging pots, loud music, ect.


Friends - In order to have friends, she needs to be strong. Well, that's what she thinks. Cheri thinks in order to have friends, you need to be very strong first. After living a life of being controlled and weak, she thinks the best thing to do is be strong for herself.

Getting What She Wants - Of course, in her life, force is the only way to get what she wants. In order to get what she wants, she needs to be strong. And strong to her, is like gold. The more powerful you, the more you get, the better things you get, the more the way you want it.


Nightmares - When she was little (Like the dislikes) Cheri hated all scary stories because they gave her nightmares. And what person with a child-like mind isn't  afraid of nightmares? Cheri has nightmares about killing and blood and tears. Cheri wants these things to get out of her head!!! She can't stand them and thinks the world would be a better place without them.

The Dark - Like nightmares, the dark scares her. When she was littler, and when she was bad, they use to lock her up in a dark room until about an hour or so. Cheri would never get use to the dark, so she always sleeps with a light on. Just as long as there is light, she would be able to sleep.

   Overall Personality: Cheri is a very childlike little girl with very childlike fears and very childlike likes and very childlike dislikes. She is sometimes noisy, but will stop being noisy if asked. Cheri likes noisy places because she hates quiet places. She loves to read fantasy and loves beaches and of course, PLAYING! She is very playful when it is time to play, but would prefer to play all the time!
She is very obedient and mostly loyal. But when she has the chance to make herself stronger and better in anyway possible, if she were to rise above the rest, she would take the chance without a second though. Cheri would outgrow her old weak friends, and make new stronger ones that would help her go upper, until she leaves them behind too.



When Cheri was little, she use to live with an extremely rich family. She was always kept indoors and never actually got the chance to play, make friends, run, jump, skip or anything like that. Instead, Cheri was kept indoors, always was taught, and always read books of education and how to run the family business. Cheri hated this work, but she soon was use to it. Cheri got use to reading books from dusk to dawn or dawn to dusk. Cheri got use to watching other kids play around, while she was stuck inside. Cheri disliked this, but what else was she suppose to do, fight against her family???

One day, she had enough! She couldn't take it anymore. Cheri wanted to go outside and play and have fun like a normal child! She ran outside, but was quickly brought back inside. They punished her by keeping Cheri in a dark room for the people they tortured. They didn't torture her, but they did keep her in there to watch the blood drip from the ceiling, the gore hanging from chains, skeletons staring at her. This was not a pleasant moment in her life.

After this horrible punishment, Cheri started to have nightmares. And to add onto that, her brother would tell her scary stories. That was when she discovered the magic of fantasy books. The fantasy books would soothe Cheri from the darkness of her mind; it would ease Cheri out of her lonely dark cage. To Cheri, fantasy books were her hero. From then on, Cheri always read fantasy books to keep the big bad nightmares away from her head, and cowering under the bed.

The only good thing in her life was her older sister. Cheri loved her older sister very much, but she soon died of a sickness. Cheri was crushed to her her sister's news. In order to remember her sister, Cheri wears her sister's school uniform every day.  

Cheri was only completely freed from this cage, was when a rival company took everything they owned! She was forced into an orphanage... Well, more like Cheri agreed to go. But, this orphanage was just like home, except, there was no playing children to watch. But her fantasy books always stayed with her. No matter what, they were on every bookshelf she had seen. But then, while searching for a new fantasy book, she saw a book about magic. A whole series! She read every magic book she could find in that orphanage! Cheri practiced her magic in the basement. No one went there, so it was fine!

After about a year or two of being in the orphanage, she was adopted by a family. They know of her Raven Tail acts and are proud of her. But, they seem like such a nice family...

   RP Sample:

Cheri got out of her pink rabbit covered bed and put her sock-covered feet on the soft plush blue carpet. She yawned sitting up in her bed, feet on the floor, and got up. Her eyes were adjusting to the pink striped walls of her room, and all the sunlight leaking out of the window, into her room. Cheri squinted her eyes at the glass window and after a second or two of looking at the light seeping through the window, she rubbed her eyes tiredly. Cheri, in her pink pajama pants and top, walked lazily to her bathroom. She could tell this was going to be a lousy day.

Cheri did her normal Just-Woke-Up routine. Cheri brushed her teeth that were yellow. She hated to brush her teeth, and almost never did it before bed. She never flossed her teeth either. Cheri undressed she waited for the shower water to warm up. She took her quick five minute shower. Cheri yawned, again, in the shower and turned it off, so the water would stop running. She walked out of the bath, and onto the white cold tiled floors. She took a towel and warped it around herself. Not wanting to use energy, Cheri sat on the toilet seat and waited for the water on her to turn into vapor or slide off her body. After doing nothing for nine whole minutes, Cheri decided to wipe off all the leftover water droplets on her.

She swiftly changed into her older sister's school uniform. How can she remember to Now, she was wide awake!!! Cheri shook herself like a dog and walked down a hall and out the door. Today was a new day!

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Re: Cheri Vaxion [Done]

Post by Alyssia on Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:54 am

First problem with your application is that the entire overall appearence section is in bold which it isn't, only the title is meant to.

Secondly, if you want A rank for my guild you will need a much better rp sample than that, 283 words is never going to be enough. And in addition to this I am going to enforce that the entire application needs just a little bit more detail if you want to be A-rank.

Finally, the last line of her overall personality is not an aspect related to her personality so that can either be removed or re-worded to fit.
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Re: Cheri Vaxion [Done]

Post by Opal Gemstone on Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:24 am

Ok!!! I'm going to fix all of that!
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Re: Cheri Vaxion [Done]

Post by Alyssia on Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:43 am

Don't respond until you've actually made the changes, saves un-required posts in the character app
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Re: Cheri Vaxion [Done]

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