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Raze Xcelion

Post by Raze Xcelion on Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:45 am

Name: Raze Xcelion
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Sexuality: Straight
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Guild: None
Class: D


Height: 168 cm (5' 6")
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Eye Color: Red
Hair color/style: Red/Spiky
Extra: (optional)

Overall Appearance: Raze is a slim guy with red spiky hair. Raze has vanilla colored skin. He wears a sleeveless shirt, black long fingerless gloves up to his elbows, s necklace, black pants with thick metal armor covering the front part of his lower body, black belt, a 3 way orange belt, a chain, and black rubber shoes covered in thick metal armor

Face Claim: Infinity Sword Elsword, Elsword



Slice n' Dicin' enemies: When he was young his sister trained him to be the best swordsman at the whole world, at that them when they were training demons attacked their kingdom. He got scared for a moment but when he saw his sister killing those demons, he grabbed a dead knight's sword and killed demons, he said that killing was fun so he grabbed his sister's sword with the dead knight's sword on his other hand and started slicing demons to his heart's content.

Beaches: Him and his sister used to go to the beach together when he was young, they play together, train together, swim together etc.. he loved making sand castle with his sister, smelling the fresh air, listening to the waves, he would go to the beach whenever he has time and have fun.

Duels: when he was young he used to challenge his sister to a duel, whenever he loses he keeps challenging his sister to a duel, he wont stop until he defeated his sister to a duel, turns out he still cant defeat her so he went out and dueled every one he sees, its just like his hobby.


Dancing: Raze doesnt like to dance because its too embarassing plus he would faint if someone forces him to dance.

Vegetables: He pukes whenever he eats vegetables, he throws the vegetables away, he gets sick whenever he eats vegetables or he might pass out.

Sleeping with others except if its his sister: he was used to sleeping alone or with his sister, he feels uncomfortable sleeping with other people, sometimes he would kick them out of the bed and sleep.


To be the best swordsman: when he saw his sister training with swords, he vowed to himself that he would beat his sister and become the best swordsman in the whole world so he trained all by himself, and when his sister saw him training she helped him on training him.

His sister: He grew up without parents, he grew up only with his tsundere sister, he would work hard for his sister, do everything for his sister, study hard for his sister etc...


His Sister's death: She was his only family

Overall Personality: What is your character like? Really fun and noisy? Or maybe really quiet and shy? Write at least 2 paragraphs about your character's personality.


History: when Raze was a little baby, the queen took care of Raze and lived in the castle but not for too long, his sister was the only guard in the throne room, then a scout barged in the throne room bringing bad new that the kingdom is under attack by demons, the king ordered every soldier in the kingdom to defend the kingdom except for Raze's sister, the queen heard the king's voice and put Raze down at the bed and ran outside to meet the king, Raze started crying and demons barges in the castle as Raze's sister prepares for battle, a few moments later the demons barged in the throne room and Raze's sister started fighting off the demons but there were too many of them, the king and queen got killed by demons so Raze's sister ran on the bedroom and took Raze, she had to jump at the balcony at the castle, luckily she fell on the water and ran away.

a few years later Raze's sister built a wooden house somewhere safe in the forest with Raze catching butterfiles, Raze's sister was like a mother to Raze, she fed him, raised him, go somewhere with him, play with him etc...

Raze saw his sister training and started training all by himself but his sister saw him training so she helped him train him, and in a few years they went back to the kingdom full of skeletons with armors and swords etc... then a few moments later, a few packs of demon came to scout the kingdom and found them, his sister fought the demons and Raze saw her fighting so he grabbed a dead knight's sword and killed demons protecting his sister and then he grabbed his sister's sword dual wielding it and killing demons then would try to kill his sister, then they ran away when they had the chance and went back somewhere safe with his sister.

a few years later again, he would work hard for his sister, his sister made clothes, armor and weapons for him as a reward for working hard, and protecting what's precious to him(his sister), so he went out and kill the demons who tried to kill them so promised his sister that he will be back.

RP Sample:

Raze went outside to smell the fresh air, he went to the beach to swim, catch fish, and make sandcastles, he sat down on the sand looking at the sunset and saw a beautiful girl with light pinkish hair and a hat with flowers beside the had so he stood up and walked up to the girl and greeted her, he stared for her a couple of minutes and slightly blushed so he looked away.

The girl looked at Raze and smiled, she looked back at the sunset "Its so beautiful", Raze looked at the girl without her noticing " yeah... it is" and smiled looking back at the sunset, they both stared at the sunset, in a few moments later he looked back at the girl and noticed that she was gone... could it be a ghost or something?, he was gonna ask her name be she suddenly disappeard so he went back to his cottage near the beach and took a rest.

The next day he woke up and saw the girl by the window looking at the sea, he stared at the girl and the girl looked at him, "Who are you?" Raze asked, the girl asnwered "Elisis", "What are you?" Raze asked again, "What do you mean?" she asked, Raze walked towards Elisis and poked her, Elisis just giggled, Raze heared noises at the forest behind the house, so he dressed up and picked up his weapons, he walked out and went to the forest.

He saw goblins wandering around the forest so the threw his sword towards the goblin killing one of then and started to slice them, in a few moments he went back home and rested for a moment and looked around, he noticed that the girl was gone again but left her hat at his bed, it was a strange day for him, in a few days he started his journey to be the best swordsman in the whole world.

Raze Xcelion

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Re: Raze Xcelion

Post by Alyssia on Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:13 am

1.Use the template located here: http://fairytailserenity.forummotion.com/t2-character-template and make sure you use the version at the bottom of the page which has all the coding.

2.A little more detail for his appearance please

3. You didn't fill out the personality section so go back and do that.

4.your history starts suddenly mentioning this queen, which is fine, but one thing you need to put in is who this queen is, and if she and the king are his parents or not. Also where this kingdom is would be appreciated as it can not be Fiore so you'll need to come up with a replacement and if you do this, how Raze came to be in Fiore would also be a necessary addition.

5.Please...use better grammar inside of the history. We have a certain degree of grammar we like to uphold for the applications, however inside threads use as much or as little as you like.

6.And tying in with point number five please use proper grammar and spelling in the rp application.

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Re: Raze Xcelion

Post by Raze Xcelion on Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:15 pm

ahh sorry I was rushing, I will fix it right away

Raze Xcelion

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Re: Raze Xcelion

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