Destroy the Business

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Destroy the Business

Post by Emiko K. on Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:50 am

Destroy the Business

Job Name: Destroy the Business
Job Rank: D
Description: " Hello I have called you here today to give you a very important mission, Me and a man called "Roger" Have been sworn enemies ever since he tried to takeover my business, yes we both sell things to people, we sell very important crops like corn and such. He recently stole all my customers and I'm not making any money, I need you to destroy all of his crops which he keeps in a brown and green truck, tell him that you work for me so he won't ever sell again. Be careful he keeps about 5 men who carry knives and bats, and I think one of them carries a hand Gun. Beat them up, destroy the crops, and threaten Roger, he's Dark skinned and looks rich."
Requirements: Must be a Mage.
Reward: 300 J + Pocket Knife
Emiko K.

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