Find the Flower

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Find the Flower

Post by Cahaya Mau on Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:27 am

Find the Flower

Job Name: Find the Flower
Job Rank: D-Rank
Description: Please, help! My husband, mr. Yamamoto, is very ill and doesn't have that long anymore.. The doctor said he ran out of sakura flowers, which he needs to make a cure medicine to make my husband better again. Please come over here to the Oak Hospital to ask the doctor about where to find these flowers and get them as fast as you can! I don't know it either!

    - Make a topic at the Oak Hospital and name it: Find the Flower - Mission by Guest
    - Make it minimal 250 words, despite the posts.
    - Go over to the hospital, get the instructions of the doctor and go get the required flower.
Reward: 500 jewels.
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