The Underwear Thief

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The Underwear Thief

Post by Sayuri on Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:17 am

The Underwear Thief

Job Name: The Underwear Thief
Job Rank: C-Rank
Description: We have some problems with a thief lately! We are getting reports all over Oak Town that someone is stealing their underwear, both men and female underwear. You should track down this thief and report him to the police!

    - Make a topic at Oak Town and name it: The Underwear Thief - Mission by Guest
    - Make it minimal 500 words, despite the posts.
    - You have to keep a night watch over the town, since the thief is making his moves at night while everybody is asleep. Once you will get the "Underwear Thief", take him or her to the police.
    - You need to find out what his or hers motive is to steal someone else's underwear.
Reward: 1000 Jewels.

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