Nights of White Satin

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Nights of White Satin

Post by Sayuri on Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:55 am

Nights of White Satin

Job Name: Nights of White Satin
Job Rank: C-Rank
Description: Long time ago, I received a gift from a very good friend, he gave me white satin sheets. "To comfort me at night", he said. At first I had no clue why he would say someyhing like this, but now I understand it was because I would never see him again after that.

I never had the chance to confess my love for him, because he meant more to me than just a 'good friend'. Letters I've written, never meaning to send. Beauty I'd always missed with these eyes before. Just what the truth is, I can't say it anymore. Because I love him.

There were rumors that he came back here to search for me, but I have no idea why. He should be around at Clover Park. Could you please bring him this letter to him I wrote? I am to scared to face him myself after such a long time. If you come meet me here at Clover Park, my name is Caya Yumi, I'll show you a picture of what he looks like.

    - Make a topic at Clover Park of Clover Town and name it: Nights of White Satin - Mission by Guest
    - Make it minimal 500 words, despite the posts.
    - You have to go over to Clover Park and meet up with Caya and begin your search on the man of her dreams.
    - Make sure to get the exact right one, since there are some guys he dressed up to just look like him.
Reward: 850 Jewels.

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Re: Nights of White Satin

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