Get my book back! I was robbed!

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Get my book back! I was robbed!

Post by Ganz on Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:18 am

Get my book back! I was robbed!

Job Name: Get my book back! I was robbed!
Job Rank: D
Description: I was on the back to my home from the library, when two thieves jumped me! It seemed they had their eye on me for some time because the only thing they stole was the book I had been conducting research on while in the library, even though they robbed me right after I came out of back. I needed some money and picked up enough for the next week in cash but all they took was the book.

The contents of the books were not even clear to me, except that one passage seemed to be a riddle about something hidden near oak town. But that is irrelevant, just get my book back! I don't care what you do with the thieves. Also do I not have any information on the thieves that jumped me. But they did seem like two rather strong people, as one casted ice magic as I wanted to charge after them.

I recognized the thieves by their clothes. They are part of the local street gang living in the sewers of my beloved Oak Town. Get down there and find my book! The gang is not big but you could still encounter some members. And two mages must apply as I want this to be a success!

Requirements: 2 D-rank mages - 100 words per post - 5 posts per character

Find the book and do not try and solve the puzzle yourself as it is MY book.
Reward: 300J for each mage.

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