Find My Lost Heart

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Find My Lost Heart

Post by Ken Isaki on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:44 am

Find My Lost Heart

Job Name: Find My Lost Heart
Job Rank: D
Description: I was walking on my way home from Magnolia after waiting hours and hours in line for the release of the new Heart Kreuz limited edition shoes. It was still fairly in the morning when I was walking back home. When I heard something behind me moving in the bushes. Afraid to get my new prized possessions I ran home.
When I got home I checked my bags to find that the bag ripped and the shoes were lost on my way home. I walked the path once to see if I could find them but I had no luck. So could any mage somehow get my shoes back for me.

Requirements: Bring the employer her shoes back hopefully they are undamaged.
Reward: 350j

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