Fight against this mage!

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Fight against this mage!

Post by Ganz on Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:18 am

Duel this mage!

Job Name: Duel this mage!
Job Rank: D
Description: Come closer folks! Come closer! It is time to view the prime event! In the middle of Crocus Gardens this man will take any challenger! Come closer, come closer to view this spectacular champion to fight anyone who dares to take him on. Young, old, big, skinny, tall, little. Anyone may come and challenge this mage for 500 gold! Step in the ring and the challenge begins!
This man may look weak but countless men have fallen victim to his supreme ability! Don't believe me? Come test it out in Crocus Gardens!
Every Thursday to Tuesday between 4pm and 7pm three bravehearts will have the chance to take him on! Please don't miss out on this spectacular event.
Requirements: Everyone may challenge, except for fighting groups with 2 people or more and weapon users. Otherwise, everything is allowed!
Reward: 500J! 500 jewels are yours if you manage to take out my ace! Come and try yourself and the !500! jewels are yours!

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