Get Those Hoodlums Off My Back

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Get Those Hoodlums Off My Back

Post by Ken Isaki on Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:46 pm

Get Those Hoodlums Off My Back

Job Name: Get those hoodlums off my back!
Job Rank: A
Description: I am the current owner of a new diner in the city. Since I have set up shop I have been dealing with a local band of small time thugs who like to come up with new and meaningful way to extort money from me every month. Well I am fed up with their tactics so I ask if there is any mage willing to take my fight to them and make sure they don’t do any dirty dealing ever again.
The band of thugs is nothing extraordinary. The only person who is an above average threat is their boss the Empr’r. He is a mage who didn’t find being in a guild worth his time. Though he shouldn’t be too much of a fight against a worthy mage. His thugs are merely normal men who like to hang off their leaders coattail.

Requirements: 1500 words, Stop the extortionists from ever coming back to Warthwoods.
Reward: 3000J
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