S-Rank Mission: Save the Research Team!

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S-Rank Mission: Save the Research Team!

Post by Molly on Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:35 am

Save the Research Team!

Job Name: Save the Research team!
Job Rank: S
Description: We are a research team stationed on Mt.Hakobe and whilst investigating an undiscovered cave we awoke a sleeping Ice Wyvern! It has now started to attack us and we are all in need of some extreme help. Also we have a found a strange onsignia on a door that seems to be one of a celestial mage so we need one of those as well!
Requirements: The topic must be posted in Mt.Hakobe, Two S-class or higher mages must be there and one B-rank or higher Celestial spirit Mage. The door must also be investigated too.
Reward: 7,000 Jewels.
Joining:Alyssia, Ganz and Molly

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