Vanishing People

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Vanishing People

Post by Portgas D. Ace on Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:36 pm

Vanishing People

Job Name: Vanishing People
Job Rank: S
Description: "In a village on Galuna Island, people have mysteriously started to disappear without a trace. The town elder has come to ask for aid. He tells that every night one person goes missing and that it has been going on for four days before he set off to ask for help. They have sent out search party’s but to no avail. One of the search party’s has not returned, and they dare not send more people after them. Witnesses have seen several masked figures during the night in and around the city. Each mask depicts a demon of some sort. Find these figures and take care of them.
Requirements: N/A
Reward: 6500J
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