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Job Name: Warzone
Job Rank: S-Rank
Description: Dr. McFly is a madman, who was blackballed in the world of scientists. He has proved everyone wrong, makeing a Portal to an alternate universe. IN this universe, he hears fighting, and would like some mages to investigate it. He believes that this can cause trouble for our world, and would like at least one S-Rank Magic Council member to help. The portal can be very dangerous. When there, you learn of how the Magic Council and Rune Knights are hopeing to obliterate the guilds, after the guilds are trying to overrun them. With the Guild side running low on mages, you show up, and they think you are the chosen mage to help them. You must help them win this war!

•Successfully go into his parallel universe.

•Defeat the MC (5 MC Chairman, 1 Boss.)

•Defeat the Rune Knights. NO less than 20.

•Figure out a way to return home.

Reward: 7,000 Jewels

Rune Knight- They are regular Rune Knights, who practice in pure swordsmanship. They are equal in power to D-Rank Mages, who can be hard to fight, when their are a lot of them.
Magic Council Chairman, the 5 Elemental Knights.- These are the leaders of the MC, acting under the King and Queen. They are equal in power to B-Ranked Mages, and use B-Ranked Magic equal to that of Fire Magic, Wind Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, and Lightning Magic. They are trained assassins.

Boss: King- He is the top leader, and the key to behind the war. He is equal in power to that of an S-Rank Mage, and uses Fire God Slayer Magic. If he swallows an S-Rank Fire spell, he enters Dragon Force, powering his stamina and power. He is insanely hard to beat, and is very strategic.


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