Secondary Magic Guildelines

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Secondary Magic Guildelines

Post by Sayuri on Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:38 am

secondary magic guidelines

Note: All the other rules of Magic are have to be followed as well, unless said otherwise.
If you find your Primary Magic not enough, you can get a Secondary Magic as well. Secondary Magic is a magic that supports your Primary Magic. So it is less stronger than your Primary Magic. You can get a Secondary Magic when you have become of B-rank and purchase it in the Magic Shop. You are also allowed to create a custom Secondary Magic, but you will have to pay an additional 10,000 jewels on top of the price for your magic, since it is a custom made creation. The price of the magic will be between the 20,000 - 80,000 jewels depending on your magic. The pricing will be done by moderators or admins.

Your magic starts of as a D-Rank magic and will ONLY grow by training it. So it is not the same as the primary magic who will grow once you yourself have grown an higher rank. This is because the Secondary Magic can not become higher then of B-Rank power and since you are able to get a Secondary Magic at B-Rank, you will start from the beginning.

You are allowed to have 15 Secondary Magic abilities in total and 3 free magic abilities at each rank of your magic.

free abilities
When the magic is D-Rank: 1 E-Rank and 2 D-Rank ability.
When the magic is C-Rank: 1 E-Rank, 1 D-Rank and 1 C-Rank ability.
When the magic is B-Rank: 1 D-Rank, 1 C-Rank and 1 B-Rank ability.

These are abilities you get for free besides the 15 Secondary Magic abilities you are allowed to have and do not have to be obtained by training.

trained abilities
When the magic is D-Rank: 5 D-rank abilities that can be achieved by training.
When the magic is C-Rank: 5 C-rank abilities that can be achieved by training.
When the magic is B-Rank: 5 B-rank abilities that can be achieved by training.

So when you are D-Rank, you are able to train 5 secondary magic abilities. Once you have trained those 5 abilities, you can rank up your magic to C-Rank. Once you have trained the 5 C-Rank abilities, you can rank up to B-Rank. You are able to keep all the 5 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank and 5 B-Rank abilities. The only thing that will change at each rank of your magic are the free abilities. The same as your Primary Magic.

custom secondary magic template

Use this template to create the custom secondary magic and post it up at the Custom Magic Shop at the Secondary Magic sub-forum. Once you have done this there will be 10,000 jewels deducted from your bank, so make sure to have the right amount of jewels before you get a Secondary Magic. After that, a moderator or admin will price your Secondary Magic and you can obtain it afterwards if you agree with the price.


Magic Name: What do you call your magic?
Magic Type: What kind of magic is it? Caster or Holder? Or maybe other then that?
Magic Description: Tell, in detail, what your magic is about, what it can do. How about the abilities?

Weaknesses: Tell, in detail, what the weaknesses of your magic are?

Specialness: Is there something special about your magic? Something extra we should now. Maybe some side effects, for example.

fairy tail serenity


[b]Magic Name:[/b]
[b]Magic Type:[/b]
[b]Magic Description:[/b]



training secondary magic

The training is done by exactly the same rules as for your primary magic. Which can be found here at the Guidelines section or read here at this thread.

To get more abilities and to make your magic stronger, you need to start training the required amount of abilities. Just like wanting to train abilities for your primary magic, you need to post it up at the Magic Application section and get it approved by an admin or moderator.

Fill out the template and post it up under the topic name: Guest's D-Rank Secondary Training
or when of higher level: Guest's C-Rank Secondary Training etc.

[b]Abilty Name:[/b]
[b]Abilty Type:[/b]
[b]Mana Cost:[/b]

Once approved you can start the training topic by the topic title you would like and at "Secondary Training" to your title. For example: Ice and Water - Secondary Training

To get the job done, there are a few requirements:
  • Every ability rank has a word count that needs to be achieved.
  • It needs to be done realistic and fair, no god modding allowed.
  • Once a training session is done, it needs to be reviewed by an admin or moderator
  • The training sessions also needs to be approved by an admin or moderator.
training word count
D-Rank: A total of 500 words, despite the posts.
C-Rank: A total of 750 words, despite the posts.
B-Rank: A total of 1000 words, despite the posts.

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