Mission Board System

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Mission Board System

Post by Sayuri on Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:41 pm

Because the previous system was too confusing, I've made up another system for creating, requesting and taking missions.

If you want to create custom made missions, you can post them up at the Request Board of your own guild. You can not post missions at other guilds nor for other members, unless you are the Guild Master or the Mission Moderator.

  • First you post up your mission at the Request Board by using the Mission Template, which can be found at the Job section of this forum.
  • After you posted up your mission, an admin or a moderator will take a look at it. Once it is approved from you to take on the job, they post up an approval message and move the mission to the according rank sub-forum.
  • When this happens, you do not have to post a requesting this mission post, you just go and do the mission.
  • If you want to take a mission from your Guild Master or Mission moderator, you have to post a requesting message and wait for an approval. After it got approved, you are allowed to go on the mission!
  • When you have finished your mission, you post up the link of the topic at the mission request thread and one of the admins or moderators will take a look at it.
  • Once it is reviewed, one of the admis or moderators will approve or deny the mission, depending on the word count, god modding and if you followed the requirements of the mission.
  • When your mission is approved and you have accomplished your mission, you will get your reward.

So basicly:
  • Post up mission or request a pre-made mission.
  • Get it approved and go on the mission.
  • Post your finished mission and get it approved.
  • When it is approved, you will get your reward.

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