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General Guidelines

Post by Sayuri on Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:24 am

general guidelines

- Please read all the forum rules correctly before you perform any action on the forum. It is expected from everyone to strictly follow these rules.

-  If you do not follow any of these rules, you can get a warning or a time out for a period of time. Options can go from a warning, days, weeks or even a ban, depending on your actions.

- You can not perform any role playing related actions, until your character and magic application are both approved.

- Cursing is not appreciated on this forum. While RPing you may use some swearing, but do not go over the top and keep it clean. Also racial discrimination or any form of discrimination is not allowed, do not insult people.

- If you can not post in your topic right away, because for example you are busy working on a school project or something likewise why you can not post, inform the people you are RPing with that you can not post at the moment.

- Your username has to be the same as your character's name. If your character application contains another name then your username, please bring this to an admin so he or she can change it for you. So if you named your character Sayuri Mai, your username should also be Sayuri Mai. Use capitals and a space, if you also want your last name included. Please do not think of names such as Sayu*103^ or random things like that.

- Use correct English, capitals, grammar and punctuations. This rule is excluded from the chatbox, just make yourself understandable.

- Do not advertise through PMs, you will be banned immediately when doing this.

chatbox guidelines

- If you do not follow these rules or do something really inappropriate, you can get a warning, a day ban or a week ban.

- We all respect each other in the chat box. Do not make fun of somebody, unless you are joking and the other person does not mind it. Do not talk bad behind someone's back to others, this is really not appreciated on this forum.

- Do not exclude other members from the chatbox, but try to involve for example new members more. Maybe they are a little shy. Just do not exclude others.

- If you are having an argument with a person in the chatbox, please take it out of the chatbox. Do not involve others with YOUR argument. If you are having problems with someone from the staff, you can PM one of us about it. Do not argue about it in the chatbox.

- You can use the Affiliate section for advertising, so do not advertise in the chatbox please.

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