Hellfull well

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Hellfull well

Post by Lance Soullesster on Sat Mar 09, 2013 4:15 pm

Hellfull Well!

Job Name: Hellfull Well
Job Rank: D
Description: "My daughter, Saia, she was playing with some friends around the well and, well, she fell in. We have tried everything to get her out but nothing will work. She has been down there for 2 days now... e have been throwing food down and praying to the heavens that she would get out... But so far no luck. Please, i beg of you, help my daughter out of the well, and destroy the retched thing. (the well not my daughter)"
Requirements: The job is in Clover PArk, in Clover town. Get the little girl out of the well, cover up the well, 250 words minimum,
Reward: 400 jewels
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