Robe of Yūen

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Robe of Yūen

Post by Sayuri on Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:27 pm


Armor Name: Robe of Yūen
Armor Type: Holder Magic Type
Rank: B-Rank

Description: This armor is a beautiful Japanese attire reminiscent of a revealing kimono. This armor has elastic properties which allows it to stretch in without the person wearing it be damaged in any way.

Weakness: Fire magic or Heat Magic will cause it to slow down the user due to the fact that it will partly melt the armor, the elasting will not be as fast anymore. Eventually it will freeze and the expanding will be a lot heavier than before.
Jewels: 6500 jewels

Quantity: 1


Item Name: Bisentō
Item Type: Holder Magic Type
Range: Close
Rank: B-Rank

Description: The outfit comes equipped with a bisentō, a large Japanese polearm reminiscent of an halberd. Its blade has a cove at the start of the blunt side of the blade and one hole smaller than the cove above it. And above that smaller hole another even smaller hole is located.

Jewels: 5000 jewels

Quantity: 1

Total Jewels: 11.500 jewels

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