Gale-Force Reading Glasses

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Gale-Force Reading Glasses

Post by Sayuri on Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:22 am


Gadget Name: Gale-Force Reading Glasses
Gadget Type: Holder Magic Type
Rank: D-Rank

Description: The glasses have a distinctive appearance, with no inscriptions on the lenses and their characteristic wing instead being present as an ornament jutting out from each of the lenses' sides.

  • Speed Read: Gale-Force Reading Glasses allows the user to read books at an extremely rapid pace.

Gale-Force Reading Glasses comes in different models. The reading speed varies depending on the glasses' quality. You can rank up these Glasses after using them with a minimal amount of posts depending on the rank.

  • 2x - The lowest quality; user can read books around 2 times faster (D-Rank).
  • 18x - Second-grade, user can read books 18 times faster (C-Rank, 5 posts).
  • 32x - One of a higher quality; user can read books around 32 times faster (B-Rank, 8 posts).
  • 64x - The highest quality without the infusion of Wind Magic. Enables user to read 64 times faster (A-Rank, 12 posts).
  • 120x - By infusing the glass Lacrima with Wind Magic, the Gale-Force Reading Glasses can boost the speed of reading up to 120 times without sacrificing the desired thinness of the glasses (S-Rank, 15 posts).
  • 600x - *Under Development* (Guild Master Rank)

Jewels: 1000 jewels
Quantity: 4

Female Posts : 237

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