Light Pen

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Light Pen

Post by Sayuri on Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:34 am


Gadget Name: Light Pen
Gadget Type: Holder Magic Type
Rank: C-Rank

Description: The Light Pen takes the form of a normal-looking, light-colored pen with a mildly arched clip ending in a sphere. The barrel seems to be adorned by a writing, which, however, isn't well discernible. Its most distinctive trait is the nib, which is light, prominent and somehow rounded in appearance, made of the unknown material allowing the pen to use its special ability.

  • Write Light: The Light Pen is a tool that enables the user to write in the air around them. There are a variety of colors, with 72 being currently available.

Jewels: 15.000
Quantity: 8

Female Posts : 237

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