Musica Sword

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Musica Sword

Post by Sayuri on Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:24 am


Item Name: Musica Sword
Item Type: Holder Magic Type
Range: Close Range
Rank: A-Rank

Description: The Musica Sword possesses a long, curved blade, which is light-colored on the edges and dark on the rest, which protrudes on both sides near its top and has a large, light symbol carved near its hilt, representing a musical note.

The sword has the ability to change in size. Such characteristic allows the user to carry the weapon around in both his original and reduced form, being capable of changing its size at will to adapt it to the situation. The user is able to carry the weapon on his/her back, with the hilt visible from behind the right shoulder, held up by a stripe crossing the chest diagonally.

Weakness: The sword has a cooldown of 10 posts, after the cooldown you are able to change its form again.
Jewels: 10.000 jewels

Quantity: 1

Female Posts : 237

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