Mirror Magic

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Mirror Magic

Post by Sayuri on Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:30 am

secondary magic

Magic Name: Mirror Magic
Magic Type: Caster Magic

Magic Description: A magic that allows the caster to summon and control the properties of mirrors. The number of mirrors does not appear to have a limit and multiple can be joined together, thus creating a three-dimensional object.

The caster is capable of creating multiple, also separate mirrors to virtually absorb and then reflect any opponent's attacks. However, it apparently can only do so with living objects. Another use of this Magic is traps. The caster can create multiple mirrors joined together around an opponent, rendering them unable to move.

Weaknesses: Since it is able to reflect any opponent's attacks, magic attacks, it is not that capable of blocking physical attacks which will cause the mirrors to have cuts, breaks or shattered into pieces, depending on the rank and strenght of the opponent.

Specialness: .

Jewels: 55.000 jewels

Female Posts : 237


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