Pet Guidelines

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Pet Guidelines

Post by Sayuri on Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:40 am

Pet Guidelines

Once you have become of C-Rank, you are able to get a little pet if you would like! There are some requirements for getting a pet and what it is capable of.

  • You can obtain a pet when you are of C-rank or higher.
  • You can start training your pet when you are of B-rank, if it is a battle pet.
  • Your pet is always two ranks lower than your own rank. So if you are C-Rank, your pet should be E-Rank.
  • Your pet can only be of E-rank - B-rank, so it can not become higher than B-Rank.
  • Your pet can be a domestic pet or a battle pet.

Pet Charges
E-Rank: Between 750-900 jewels
D-Rank: Between 1000-3000 jewels.
C-Rank: Between 4000-6000 jewels.
B-Rank: Between 7500-10.000 jewels.

Pet Template

place your pet appearance here


Pet First Name: What is your pet called?
Pet Last Name: Does your pet have a last name? Write it here!
Alias: Maybe your pet has an alias? This is not necessary
Pet Type: What kind of pet? A domestic pet? Maybe a battle pet? Or just random a pet?
Gender: Is it a female? Male? Or neither both of these?
Age: How old is your pet?
Birthday: When was your pet born?
Class: How strong is your pet? (Two ranks lower than your own. You can train your pet when you are B-Rank)

Appearance: Write a short piece about how your pet looks like, in detail.
Personality: What is your pet like? Really fun and noisy? Or maybe really quiet and shy? Write a small piece about your pet's personality.
Extra: Is there something else you would like to add? Maybe something special about your pet?

[Note: If your pet does not have magic abilities, please fill this part in with N/A.]
Magic Description: What kind of magic does your pet? Write a detailed description on what kind of magic it uses.
Ability Name: What is the name of your pet's ability?
Ability Type: What type of ability is this?
Rank: How strong is your pet's ability?
Mana Cost: How much mana will it cost.
Description: What is this ability capable of? What can it do?

Short History: Write a short history about your pet. For example on how you two meet or write about when it was born until now.

Jewels: How much does it cost?

fairy tail serenity

[center]place your pet appearance here


[b]Pet First Name:[/b]
[b]Pet Last Name:[/b]
[b]Pet Type:[/b]


[b]Magic Description:[/b]
[b]Ability Name:[/b]
[b]Ability Type:[/b]
[b]Mana Cost:[/b]

[b]Short History:[/b]


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