Role Playing Guidelines

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Role Playing Guidelines

Post by Sayuri on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:12 am

Role Playing Guidelines

If you are not that experienced with role playing, here is a little guide on how to and what not to do.

First of all, don't be afraid to post up something. I know I was pretty scared to post my very first piece up. If you want to start RPing, you have to post something sometime! Nobody is going to make fun of you.

Role Playing Rules
- Do not use one liners.

- Try to write detailed pieces. Describe the environment, the movements your character makes, how your character looks like at that specific moment, how someone else you see looks like etc. etc.

- Do not metagame. So do not use OOC (Out Of Character) information in IC (In Character) RPing posts.

- God modding is not allowed. This means that your character cannot do practically everything without limits or boundaries. So for example, your character is immortal in battle RP posts. This is not appreciated on this forum and it is not right.

- While RPing with others, you must follow a posting order. This means: RPer 1, RPer 2, RPer 3, RPer 1, RPer 2, RPer 3 etc. So it should not be like this: RPer 1, RPer 2, RPer 3, RPer 2, RPer 1, RPer 3, RPer 1 etc. You must follow this rule the entire topic. This will be fair to all the RPers and everbody will get to RP even.

- If you do not want to RP with other members, you can also make a topic all for yourself. Do not spam by posting every 2 seconds, keep a reasonable time period between each post. This should be minimal two minutes. Please include "Private" in your topic title, like this: Such a Lonely Day - Private

- If you feel free to let everyone join your topic, your topic title should just be a title that describes your RP subject or has a clarification about what kind of direction it will lead to. If you only allow a few members to be in your RP topic, please notify this in the topic title like this: The Heat Will Rise - Private [Cahaya, Ayumu, Shinsei] You can add as much as names as you like and want too. Everyone who has no busy in that topic will get a warning for not following this rule.

- If you use sexual contents within your topic, name the topic title "The Heat Will Rise - XXX" or "The Heat Will Rise - X Rated". You could also leave an EXTRA warning message in the description of the topic. This is to prevent members to do not stumble upon something they do not want to read.

- You can be in ONE mission at the time. Once you have finished a mission, you can start a new mission.

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