Mark Gemini (WIP)

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Mark Gemini (WIP)

Post by Mark Gemini on Wed Jan 01, 2014 4:58 pm


Name: Mark Gemini
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Sexuality: Straight
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Guild: Fairy Tail
Class: D-Rank.


Height: Average Height
Weight: Unhealthily light
Eye Color: Purple
Hair color/style: Dirty blonde, shaggy hair
Extra: Clothes are always dirty looking, no matter what he wears or how much he cleans it

Overall Appearance: Describe your character's appearance in detail. Face and body form and his clothing style. 1 paragraph minimum.

Face Claim: Mark Gemini, Origional Character
This way we can prevent RPers from having the same character appearance. So once you have done this, you can not turn back.


Likes: Star gazing, puppet shows, the color purple, any form of chocolate

Dislikes: Snakes, Dragons, the dark, Anything Sour, Bugs


Fears: Dargons: He was told several dark and freightening stories about evil dragons as a small child, making him terrified of dragons and most things related to them.

Overall Personality: What is your character like? Really fun and noisy? Or maybe really quiet and shy? Write at least 2 paragraphs about your character's personality.


History: Write about your character's past. Pinpoint important events and summarize the uneventful years. 300 words is the minimum length for history.
RP Sample: Post up a short story to define your way of Rping. This is highly recommended for people who apply for a higher rank! The rp sample usually gives the right amount of addition for you to get approved at a higher rank.(optional)

Mark Gemini

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