Valen Strike

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Valen Strike

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First Name: Valen
Last Name: Strike
Alias: "Blazing Mage"
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: August 3rd
Relationships: Single

Guild: Fairy Tail
Class: D


Physical appearance: Valen has short dark brown hair with equally as dark brown eyes. His hair usually sticks out to the back slightly. Valen has a relatively average body type, standing at about 5'8". For clothing he usually wears either a red shirt with blue jeans with a long black cloak with red trimming worn over. He always wears tennis shoes, the color of which are primarily blue with some black.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs


Personality: Valen is usually laid back. When approached he is friendly to most however he sometimes prefers being alone, mostly to think. However Valen has a strong love of fighting, if a challenge is presented he won't hesitate to face it with everything he's got. Though Valen has a blunt disposition at times, he rarely acts with true malice. However Valen has a strong sense of honor, he will refuse to face opponents that have been disarmed, humiliated, or otherwise out of their league. This sense of honor drives him to help others where he can. However, Valen has a sarcastic sense of humor and at times can't resist taking a crack at someone or something. If he feels someone has done something stupid, he will comment on it and make it clear he thinks as such.

Despite his friendly appearance, Valen has a fierce temper. If anyone threatens either himself or those he considers comrades, Valen will get angry and deal with the problem personally, sometimes to the point of recklessness. Once enraged, Valen becomes something of a berserker, becoming able to shrug off or ignore serious injuries and continue fighting. When in this state, Valen has two ways of acting. The first is simply as an angry berserker where he attacks without holding back and goes all out, foregoing safety for reckless fury. The second is a more tranquil state, where he becomes calm and his anger is focused solely on the ones responsible. In this state Valen is far more subdued and dangerous. He will attack without remorse and withstand any injury until he brings his opponent down.

Likes: Chocolate Ice cream, fighting, reading

Dislikes: Letting innocent people suffer, his friends being harmed, being called weak

Motivation: Valen's motivations are simple. From a young age Valen has wanted to help others with his own hands. Either by fighting to protect them, or simply lending a hand where he can. His second motivation is a more selfish one, as he desires to face the strongest of enemies and prove himself the stronger in battle. This stems from a desire to prove himself.

Fears: Valen has a moderate fear of heights. In his youth he nearly stumbled off a cliff and was only saved because he caught onto a root sticking out of the cliff side, allowing someone to find him and pull him back up. Valen dangled over the cliff side for nearly an hour.

Valen's Magic

Magic Name: Fire Magic
Magic Type: Caster - Elemental
Magic Description: A form of elemental magic that revolves around the usage of fire, allowing the caster to conjure, manipulate, and control the element for various purposes. The caster can change the properties of this Magic such as its "form", allowing it to take shape as a gas or solid element.  Fire Magic can also work in a similar fashion to explosives. The caster is able to conjure this element from various parts of their body or from the nearby surroundings, though it is possible for weapons to use fire as well.

Usage: Valen uses his Fire Magic to attack at both close and long range, being proficient at creating large blasts of fire and using his magic to generate explosions around a target area. Valen's fire is usually red, however his stronger attacks use blue fire.

Ability Name: Blaze
Ability Type: Caster
Range: Close-Long
Duration: One turn
Cooldown: One turn
Mana Cost: 5
Rank: D
Description: Valen uses his Fire Magic to create a blast of fire to scorch his opponent(s).

Ability Name: Detonation
Ability Type: Caster
Range: Medium
Duration: One turn
Cooldown: One turn
Mana Cost: 5
Rank: D
Description: Valen uses his Fire Magic to create an explosion around a target area at a distance. Anything caught in the blast is burned by fire.

Ability Name: Fire Shield
Ability Type: Caster
Range: Close
Duration: Variable
Cooldown: One turn
Mana Cost: 5 per turn
Rank: D
Description: Valen uses his Fire Magic to form a protective barrier of flame around himself, allowing him to block attacks as well as burn his opponents on contact. This spell is used both offensively and defensively.


History: Valen grew up in Ember's Village, a small town a moderate distance away from Magnolia Town. The village had a decent sized library containing books on a number of different subjects such as history, technical guides, to even different kinds of magic. Valen spent much of his time growing up practically devouring book after book, always seeking more knowledge. One day, when Valen was the age of 14, a group of thugs and bandits raided the town. During the raid the library was destroyed and Valen's family and home was wiped out in a fire.

After the smoke had cleared, Valen discovered a local wizard’s guild had intervened on the behalf of the town, chasing off the bandits and saving what they could. As he mourned the loss of his family, the guild master offered him some words of encouragement.
“Sadness born of these vile acts of cruelty is a tragedy. If tears are to be shed they should be of joy, not of despair. Young man, rise above this sadness. You have suffered a cruel blow but you might rise above it. Do not let despair take you, for that path means they have won. Work to help others, seek to become better than these thugs that so callously hurt others.”

Inspired by these words, Valen got to work helping the village rebuild. A year later the former owner of the library approached Valen and gave him all the books he could salvage. Though they weren’t much, Valen was grateful. Among these books, Valen discovered a book detailing the usage of Fire Magic. The book was completely undamaged. Amused by the irony, and the words of inspiration still resonating within his mind, Valen decided he would become a wizard, using his magic to do what he could in the world. 5 years later and Valen had mastered the usage of Fire Magic, becoming a Fire Mage and setting out to find somewhere he could do some good, as well as knock some skulls if the chance arose. Hearing of a rambunctious guild of growing fame in Magnolia, Valen set off to find and join this guild. The guild's name was Fairy Tail.

RP Sample: The sky was a bright blue and the sun shone down upon the small valley. On a long, winding road traveled a lone person, a young man sporting a large red and black cloak, with a red shirt and blue jeans worn beneath. The man spotted a small forest in the distance and veered off the path to explore. An hour later, he stumbled out and collapsed on the ground.

“Dammit…so hungry…” He groaned as he lay there. It had been a few days since he had last stopped at a town and he had run out of food the day before. “I should have learned crop magic or something…” He thought grumpily. Rolling onto his back he shrugged off his bag and searched through it. A few crumbs fell out. “Oh yay! Crumbs!” He muttered sarcastically. Hearing a noise in the distance, the young man lifted himself to a sitting position and turned to find the source. A short distance away from the forest there was a village. His eyes narrowed as he spotted smoke rising from it.

"Too much to be a chimney fire. The recent drought must have ignited some hay or something” Leaping to his feet, the young man leapt. From his hands, both positioned behind him, a large burst of flame erupted, propelling him through the air and greatly enhancing the power of his jump. Landing back down on the ground with a thud, the young man rushed into the village.
“Water! Bring more water!” Shouted someone, rushing past the young man as he struggled to push through the wall of smoke that seemed to dominate the roads. “There is no more water! We’ve drained the well!” Responded another. The young man’s eyes narrowed after hearing that.

“That’s not good, with no water and this drought, the fire will quickly overtake the village.” Taking off at a run, the young man burst through the smoke clouds and leapt onto the roof of the closest building. He could see a large group of people gathered around the burning building, trying desperately to put it out. “All of you! Stand back!” He cried.

With a wave of his hand, the young man began channeling magic power through his body. Releasing a thin steam of flame from his fingertips, the man guided the flame until it connected with the blazing inferno. “It’s connected to my magic now, here goes!” Focusing, the young man now began drawing the flames to him, using the connection of his magic and the flames to siphon it off of the building and into the air around him. The flames formed a ring around him. “Now comes the fun part” He chuckled. Closing his fist as if crushing something, the man used his magic to expel the fire, shooting it into the sky and away from the village. Below him, the villagers gasped at the spectacle.

“Young man, are you a wizard?” Asked one of them when the last of the flames were extinguished.

“Yep, a Fire Mage to be exact. I saw the smoke and came to see what I could do. Seems I did alright” He said with a grin.

“Do you have a name? Is there anything we can do to repay you for saving our village?” The young man’s grin widened and he tapped his chin as an indication of his thinking. A moment passed before he jumped off of the rooftop and dropping down to the ground.

“My name is Valen Strike. And as for repayment…” Just then his stomach rumbled and he crashed to the ground in exhaustion. “…I could use a meal.”


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