"Freeing" a merchants merchandise

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"Freeing" a merchants merchandise

Post by Portgas D. Ace on Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:35 pm

"Freeing" a merchants merchandise

Job Name: "Freeing" a merchants merchandise
Job Rank: C
Description: "I need a mage who can take care of a weak ice-make mage and a merchant. Take the chest of goods and take them back to me." A black market magic merchant wants someone to take a small time merchants merchandise of color magic, weak silver keys and a gold key. You will meet the client on the road that the merchant will be traveling. He will quickly tell you to travel up this road after you flash him your guild tattoo. The merchant and a weak mage will be there. Their are two routes here, you can immediately attack or try to get them to leave the stuff unguarded by telling them a weak mage is trying to sneak up in the forest just by the camp(the road is just out of Oak Town) The weak mage will will go to meet the pretend thief and then you can easily scare the merchant off. The merchant holds a considerable amount of knowledge and might be able to answer a much desired question.
Requirements: N/A
Reward: 800
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