Caravan Raid

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Caravan Raid

Post by Rikka Babylonia on Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:36 am

Caravan Raid

Job Name: Caravan Raid
Job Rank: B
Description: Three horse drawn wagons are being used to transport a merchant’s goods to _____ ‘s port containing various trade goods. A rival merchant wishes to see them fail, finding their goods being put too much better use in their hands and being willing to offer a reward for them. They require a mage to take out the guards transporting them and to deliver them to a predetermined location.

There are half a dozen guards in total with three of them driving the wagons. Each guard is armed with a C rank baton while the drivers are armed with C rank single shot rifles. The standard battle tactics of the guards is for the melee ones to surround an opponent while the ranged rivers provide covering fire at the enemy. Each baton deals damage equal to a C ranked attack while each single shot rifle deals damage equal to a C ranked attack. The Caravan can be found in Mori Forest near Oak Town.
Requirements: 1000 words
Reward:2000 jewels
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